Thursday, 11 October 2012

Brighton Trip

Sunny Day In Brighton
Yo Sushi!

Brighton on the south coast of England
Map of The Lanes

The Beach

The Brighton Pavillion

George 1V
Via tumblr

George 1V came to Brighton in 1783 while only 21 years and fell in love with the area. At this time Brighton was popular with the wealthy and later when he became King George 1V  this love affair flourished and it became a recluse for the Royals and their wealthy friends. He later bought a small farmhouse on the site of The Pavillion, which later became a wing of the modern day Pavillion. 

Indian style minaretes, grand architecture and Chinese inspired interior design completed the building and by 1823 the building was a breathtaking palace. George 1V died in 1830 and the Pavillion was bequeathed to William 1V who used it as a holiday home in the cold winters. In 1837 Victoria became Queen and later sold the building to The Brighton Commisioners in 1850. It is now publicly owned and beautifully restored.

The Brighton Pavillion

View of The Pavilion

The Gardens

The Gardens

We had a lovely day in Brighton and luckily the sun was shining, We had a delicious Japanese  lunch in  Yo Sushi  and a healthy walk along the Promenade afterwards. Here are a few pics.

The Marina

Yo Sushi

Delicious food whizzing by

The Beach

Brighton Lanes are known for their creative and quirky shops - they are based in a maze of lanes and backwaters and are home to some of the most influential designers in the UK. We bought lots of handmade Christmas gifts (can't show you these),  ate lots of food, and drank lots of wine and then afterwards ate tea and cakes! A good time was had by all.

Yummy end to the day

I was particularly searching for some Lara Aldridge glass that I have bought before in crafts shops in Brighton. Her smaller works consists of small tiles infused with coloured metals, which can be used for decoration (I use mine for coasters). I have quite a collection of her tiles and some of her beautiful bowls and am a great fan of her unusual work. Sadly she generally now works on larger installations and her smaller pieces are rather difficult to find.

Glass bowl infused with coloured metals

Glass tile infused with metals and pearls

Brighton based Lara was apparently inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt who also used a 'collaging' effect to produce 'patchwork' art. Luckily I did manage to buy some small pieces of her work for Christmas presents.

A small glass wall panel

Another of my favourite Brighton designers is Emma Harris  of  "Made In Brighton". Do look at her blog of  lovely Brighton artists works ...  here.  I am also a great fan of Lisa Jane from Brighton and Hove who sells her beautiful stuff on Etsy. This her link ...  Lisa Jane

By Lisa Jayne
Via Etsy

Everywhere we went the catchy tune "Gangnam Style" was playing - I LOVED IT! Afterwards, looking at the amusing video I loved it even more! Isn't it fun?


  1. Sounds liked you had a great dat JUST DOWN THE ROAD from me! Xxx

  2. We often visit Brighton as Number Two Son lives there. It's a terrific place at any time of the year but when the sun shines it's really special. Loved the video.

  3. I haven't been to Brighton for yers, think its time for a trip!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day trip, Annabelle. I love the photo of the beach with the carousel. Thanks for taking us along. :-)


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