Monday, 1 October 2012

Peep Into My World

Party Time In London
Meeting Fellow Bloggers

Peep into my world


Yesterday my lovely friend had a birthday party, (Happy Birthday J. x). This is the first time I have been to a party since my illness so I was so looking forward to it. It was lovely. The house and garden was all dressed up with pretty lanterns and candlelight and the crowd were of all different ages and backgrounds. The food, (all prepared by husband and daughter), was amazing and the drinks were liberally sloshing around. Here are a few pics to give you a taster of my evening ...

Pretty decorations
Cool clothes

Super styling

Colourful clothing

Wine Glass
Excellent wines

Some dotty styles

Fresh Fruit Tart
Fruity tart

A truly amazing tasting ham

Some inspiration

Pretty girls

grilled pepper salad recipe
Delicious salads

Lovely jewelery

Cold beers


Yummy velvet cake
Marvellous meringue

Scrummy salads

Pretty lanterns

Luscious strawberry tart

Fairy lights in the garden

Cutest little black dresses

All in all a lovely party. Thank you J. for inviting us. Me and Mr Whizz Kid had a lovely time. xx


Sandown Stitch And Creative Crafts Show
Meeting Lovely Bloggers

I was disappointed with the  Stitch And Creative Craft Show  at Sandown this month and consequently did not take any photos at all. There seem to have been far too little of fabric crafts, no quilt displays at all, and far too much to do with card making and paper crafts.

Blurb from the show literature states that ...

Stitch & Creative Craft Show covers all aspects of quality stitch craft including cross stitch, sewing, dress making, home furnishing, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, needlepoint, fabrics, haberdashery, tapestry, lace smocking, ribbon craft, painting on silk, glass painting, stencil craft, rug making, stamping, beadwork, decoupage, card making, framing finished work, heirloom sewing, crewel work, crochet and other stitch crafts and needlework.

...  most of which I did not see and did not appear to be there. Not an exciting event at all.

I did, however, really enjoy meeting the lovely Benta of  Slikstitches,  and her elegant Mother. We did try to take a few pics but most did not come out at all, (it was a lovely crisp sunny day), but one taken on the racecourse (where we had a sandwich and a cuppa) looks pretty good. Thankfully I am not in it!

The lovely Benta and her Mother

Benta was just as I imagined her with a shock of beautiful hair and a good sense of humour, and her Mother was delightful.  Hopefully we can all meet up again sometime soon.


  1. looks like you had a wonderful time your photos are lovely with all the detail you pick up on ............and the food well what can i say but i hope you enjoyed every bite it looked fab !!!

  2. The party sounds wonderful, and glad you guys had fun despite the lack of 'proper' craft ;)

  3. That party sounds like fun, I like the gingham bunting. I agree with you about these craft shows, we have been to a few this summer and there has been very little fabric crafts. I usually end up buying something good to eat and sitting in the car to enjoy it!

  4. Groan!!!! Love the description of the party:-)

  5. The party sounds fab, hope you really got to let your hair down! As for the show, I've been to similar ones up here years ago, and it's never been good for fabrics, and relative works, usually just a couple of stalls with some fleece, and maybe some thread and ribbons, even the paper craft stuff was dated so I just stopped going!


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