Friday, 26 October 2012

Tokyo Airport


Arrived in Tokyo during a hurricane and heard that a tornado was on its way! . Everyone very jumpy and deciding to take cover from the promised weather. I did not enjoy the twelve hour flight from London - hated the food and drink options (green tea anyone?), although I love sushi in England (ie. the European variety), and am a real tea addict. Also felt weird sitting in a plane with almost the entire community surrounding me wearing full face masks.

Arrival  in Tokyo



The country is awash with 'Hello Kitty' stuff. This superbrand has been around since the cartoon was born in the mid-seventies, yet I have never seen it in such mammoth quantities. It is on everything!

Hello kitty character portrait.png



T shirt

I am most definitely not a fan of this far too cute phenomenen! Sadly even the adults have the logo on their clothes, their bags, their wallets and purses, even their hairslides and hats.

My other observation is that teenagers the world over wear the same weird hairstyles and clothes. The girls often have too-short skirts and silly shoes, and the boys constantly hitch their trousers up just enough to hide their modesty but not enough to cover the tops of their designer pants!  Orange hair dye must also be the biggest seller in these parts as every other teen sports this stunning hue. There is a distinct 'Japanese style',  however, it is that just about anything goes - and the wackier the better.

Street fashion

Weird and wonderful


Airport views

Tokyo International Airport

Shopping Tokyo style

Tokyo International Airport


  1. Amazing buildings. Yes Hello Kitty is pretty over done, Hope the rest of your journey goes well.

  2. Your first flight doesn't sound much fun, but hope the next leg is better. I don't understand the passion for Hello Kitty, it's so mawkish. I don't get the face mask thing either, but I love the wonderful face masks the youngsters are wearing.

  3. Great pictures. Hope you are having a good time. Making bags with a friend in the USA today. Will post some when I get a chance.

  4. Great pictures, it takes me back are you going to Fabric Street? Where most of the shops only sell fabric, also great Department stores.
    Enjoy your stay and waiting avidly for the next instalment .

  5. So glad to hear from you, Annabelle. Love the photos. Yep, I agree, teenagers are weird everywhere. However, the last two pictured are awfully cute ... too bad we can't see their faces behind those face masks. LOL I am no "Hello Kitty" fan either ... yuck! Love the airport photos. Hope you're having a great time. xx

  6. A friends son has gone to study in Tokyo for a year, it must feel like living in another planet! I do like the orange patchwork skirt on of the girls is wearing!!

  7. great photos glad you got to tokyo ok !! why did your fellow passengers have masks on !!!! and i am not keen on hello kitty even less on adults !!hope you had a better next leg of trip :)))


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