Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nicky Browne - Surrey Artist

Nicky Browne - Artist
Let Them Eat Cake

The lovely Nicky Browne - Artist

Last week I paid a visit to  The Fountain Gallery  at Hampton Court to see the work of a local artist Nicky Browne. She is a wonderfully talented illustrator and makes amazing cards and books with drawings mostly based on her travels or of local scenery. I bought a beautifully illustrated booklet of Richmond upon Thames scenes. It is quite enchanting and meant as a present for a dear friend who loves Richmond and is now living out of the area.

You can see Nicky's work next at  The Landmark Art Centre  Autumn Art Fair from Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th October in Teddington, Middlesex and at an ongoing exhibition at The Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court, Surrey, which is open until 7th October.

Some wonderful cards mostly devoted to food!
Even more food related cards!

A page from her cute little booklets

Local scene

She obviously sees a lot of cakes
A local scene


  1. I love these drawings, thank you for sharing them!

  2. Art and cake art, what's not to love!?

  3. I'm sure drawing all those cakes burns off some of the calories ;o)

  4. Thanks for taking us along, Annabelle. Nicky Browne is certainly very talented. Of all her beautiful cards, the cakes the the local scene strike my fancy.
    All the best! XX :-)


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