Saturday, 23 June 2012

National Quilt Championships

Wonderful Works Of Art
National Quilt Championships
Sandown Park 22.06.2012 - 24.06.2012 (10am - 4pm)

The themes of this year's open competitive quilt show were
"Garden Party" sponsored by Kaleidescope
"In The Pink" sponsored by Grosvenor Shows in support of Breast Cancer Care

There were spectacular displays of hundreds of competitive quilts from all over the world and the scenes were a joy to behold - even though the huge crowds made for difficult manoevering. The queue at the entrance was huge well before the opening and stretched half way around the car park but the show was definitely well worth the wait.  Here were some of my favourites ...

This spectacular "In The Pink" was most definitely my favourite of the show
'Floral Extravaganza' by Carole Shanahan
And this "In The Pink" came a close second for me
'In The Pink' by Hilary Beattie
Although in fact was judge Lee Brown's choice

Sadly I have mislaid my programme and am unable to be precise about the origin of many of the quilts. Apologies to all you wonderful ladies who have spent hours producing these masterpieces!

As you know I love pink
Breast Awareness Charities
Would be delighted with this one
'Think Pink' by Thursday Morning Patchwork Corner Group
Another winner!
'Helen's Rose Sampler' by Helen Clarke
More pink!
'Girdhouses' by Gloria Roope and Material Girls
I loved these unusual and intricate wall hangings
'Summer Days' by Gloria Roope and Material Girls
And these too were amazing
This clever work of art made me dizzy!
'Garden Party' by Susan Briscoe
A wavy wonder
'Flying By The Moon' by Pam Bowles
These oriental wall hangings were amazing
By Reiko Domen
And this blue a masterpiece
'Maldives 2' by Neel Williams
I loved this elephant
'In The Pink' by Trudy Smethurst
And this "In The Pink" another of my favourites
'Reflections 2' by Dorothy Sharman

At this point I realized that it was too difficult to take photos as the crowds were so huge (I have discarded over half as there were people blocking the views) and I felt quite unsafe on my wobbly feet to carry on. I said goodbye to my friend, bought some Anchor threads and fabrics and headed for the exit.

Perhaps I can do something pretty with these

I did enjoy the show but felt that it was not quite as imaginative as others I have seen and also that there were far too many people to make it a pleasant experience.

Some very original fabrics were for sale
I bought this textured Indian silk to make a bag
And this lovely silk to make another!

There were obviously masses more beautiful quilts but sadly too many people around to photograph them. The supplies, demonstrations, kits, threads and books were in great demand - and once again the buttons really caught my eye.

I shall try and update this site with more information on the quilts once I find my programme!

Note: Site now updated with credits!


  1. I particularly like the photo with the 'no photos' sign in it, you rebel ;o)

  2. Wow! What beautiful works of art! My favorites are the third "In the Pink," and "Wavy Wonder." "Wavy Wonder" reminds me of a Van Gogh. I enjoyed the trip to the National Quilt Championships. All the best. :-)

  3. Gutted I'm not going this year :-( thanks for the photos x x

  4. Have fun with the pearls! Katy is right!

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  6. Thanks for the update, the silk looks interesting. I didn't spot that.

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  8. Thanks for including a pic of my 'Garden Party' quilt on your blog - a quilt 12 years in the making (it got neglected at the back of my 'work in progress' pile for YEARS lol). It does play around a lot with value and colour, but I hope it didn't make you too dizzy ;-) The pattern is going to be in 'Popular Patchwork' sometime in the autumn, with a bit more quilting added too.

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  10. I missed this when you posted it. Gorgeous and inspirational.


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