Saturday, 9 June 2012


Few photos from the past weekend
Thanks to family and friends ...

Diamond Jubilee poster

The Queen

Dreary morning Thames view

The Queen goes by

The colourful flotilla
Covent Garden

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Approaching London road sign

Cakes from Hummingbird Bakery

Preparations for concert at Buckingham Palace

The Mall
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Revellers queue to enter a Jubilee Party in Battersea Park on June 3, 2012 in London, England. For only the second time in its history the UK celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of a monarch. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne. Thousands of well-wishers from around the world have flocked to London to witness the spectacle of the weekend's celebrations. The Queen along with all members of the royal family will participate in a River Pageant with a flotilla of a 1,000 boats accompanying them down The Thames.
Happy crowds waiting
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Early morning at Big Ben
Distant view of The Queen

Wet crowds waiting
Jubilee tea party

Colourful guards go by

Flags waiting

Jubilee tea party

More waiting ...

The perfect couple

Jubilee tea

Special Jubilee Edition mug
Emma Bridgewater

Diamond trifle

Another distant view of The Queen
The Queen
The Queen and Camilla

Firework display

The Gloriana

The Gloriana:

This beautiful row-barge was commissioned especially for the Diamond Jubilee Thames River
Pageant. It is the first to be built in four hundred years and has cost a staggering £1 million..
Originally the Queen was going to travel on this barge (she eventually travelled on The Spirit
Of  Chartwell) and consequently much attention to detail went into its two year commission.
The boat is 94 feet long and is lined in chestnut from The Duchy of Cornwall's estate and is heavily
gilded. The flooring is covered in a hand made rug gifted from Nepal and the gilded roofing is
heavily decorated with painted wildfowl and golden Tudor Rose. It can be viewed in Richmond.

Following photos from The Press Association ...

Roaring success: One of the gilded lions guarding the entrance to the coach

Attention to detail: As artist Catherine Quinn attends to the paintwork, right, two men lift the Royal insignia into place

Finishing touches: Artist Catherine Quinn carefully paints a golden ┬┐fouled┬┐ anchor, which is the official insignia of the Lord High Admiral

Intricate: A heraldic dolphin has been painted along the length of the rudder of the Gloriana

Golden future: At the stern of the barge is this gold-leaf-covered dolphin created by Polygon Scenery, which often makes sculptures for films

On Her Majesty's service: The Royal cipher and motto glisten at the stern of the barge, which was commissioned for the Jubilee celebrations


  1. I had to laugh hysterically at those road signs - Yes, there's a HUGE party here this weekend, but please stay away ;o)

  2. I enjoyed the photos from The Diamond Jubilee. The flotilla looked just amazing on television. Have you added the Emma Bridgewater Jubilee Edition mug to your collection yet? :-)

  3. Not sure if I regret not taking a photo at Victoria Station at 5.30pm on the Sunday - it was definitely not as fun as yours!

  4. Thank goodness for the "Glorianna" a true example of British craftsmanship. It's a great shame the Queen didn't use it instead of the "Spirit of Chartwell" which was awful.

    So glad to see the EB!

  5. Do we know why she went on Spirit of Chartwell instead? Great pics by the way, lovely roundup :-)

  6. Wonderful photos as always. I loved the flotilla, in spite of the rain. Of course, we watched it on TV.


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