Friday, 22 June 2012

Rag Dolls

I came upon these amazing rag dolls recently, which were all dressed in Liberty prints. They are handmade in California by Jess Brown and are highly sought after. Each doll is made from recycled fabrics and wools and lace and the very recognizable faces are hand sewn by Jess.

Liberty print doll £140

The bodies are all tea dyed linens and muslin and each doll is quite individual and is seasonally dressed. (I love the hand knit stockings).

I was particularly interested in them as I have been recently making some of my own and loved the simplicity of their design. I think I have been trying too hard - especially with the hair!

The dolls are available from at £140

jess brown dolls liberty fabrics
Old fashioned rag dolls

jess brown rag dolls
Individually styled


  1. They are very sweet and I love the idea of recycled material and Liberty fabrics. Even dying with tea is interesting. I do think they have strange faces, though. Would not want one staring at me.

  2. I love these dolls, I love Liberty and recycling fabrics!

  3. Gosh, s many questions racing through my head, who would buy them? Not for kids surely, not at that price, but why would adults want them?


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