Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tiny Knitted Rose

Just a little experiment ...

I saw some pretty knitted flowers on bags and hats at a recent craft fair made by Lavender Hearts and often try to replicate them. Today I found the simplest pattern to make a knitted pretty rose ... and each and every one can be totally different depending on the stitch used and the colour of the wool chosen and the tightness of the wind. They are no way as pretty as hers but I am working on that!

This is the first of many ...

A rose - finished size approx 2 inch diameter

I chose a ball of Rowan Siena 4 ply mercerised cotton
In a pretty rose red I cast on twelve stitches
Using size 3.25 UK needles
The stitch I chose to use was a knit in the back stitch
ie. Every stitch was knit into the back of each and every stitch
I like this stitch as it produced a tight smart finish
I continued until I had knit eighty-five rows and then cast off
The knitted 'ribbon' now measures approx 9 inch by 1.5 inch
Now wind and twist the ribbon pulling the two ends tightly
Ta Da! ... A rose in back stitch
Using a darning needle stitch the back tightly
Tie the two ends in a tight knot. Back view
Leaving them to sew onto your chosen project

This little flower takes under one hour to make and when several are grouped together they look very pretty.

One in garter stitch
Three very different pretty roses

A second strip in stocking stitch
Made a tighter and smaller and more sucessful rose
Different stitches produced very different results

Thank you Blogger for messing up my order of pics!!!! Agghh!!


  1. no rose in nature comes out the same ...so yours are perfect xx

  2. Lovely colour :o) I have a free crochet flower kit that came with Mollie Makes, but I need someone to show me how to actually use it!

  3. They're all beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Love the color too! :-)

  4. Beautiful, and lovely detailed explanation, just wish I could knit!!!

  5. like those roses ,may have a go,wouldnt you like to give blogger a swift kick up the ******** sometimes...


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