Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tapestry Mug Mat

My Grandson Is a Genius!

I think that I have told you before that some members of my family are very talented indeed. My grandchildren, their mother and their maternal grandmother (no not me!) are all very artistic in different ways. The children all sew and bake and do tapestry and the mother is a fabulous textile designer, knits and crochets, does cross-stitch and tapestry, paints and draws and is a renowned weaver, and the grandmother does all manner of artistic things such as paint, draw, does cross-stich and tapestry, print, knits, crochets and everything else besides.

I feel very enfeebled being part of such a family and can compete in no ways at all ...

Last week Mr Whizz Kid (he of the mid-life crisis motorbike fame) had a birthday, and the prettiest and cleverest gift came from my five year old grandson. He had designed and made a tapestry mug mat all by himself (perhaps his mother hovered in the background!) It is so very clever and will take pride of place in his home office ...

Isn't this cute?

We are a family of home made gifts (the very best kind of gift) and it is amazing just what the family come up with! Thanks A xxx Love you..


  1. What a lovely gift, one to be treasured for sure. I've always preferred giving and receiving handmade gifts, and now that I'm retired have plenty of time to make gifts for people, which I enjoy making and they seem to enjoy receiving.

  2. Aww, what a fab idea! My gran, bless her, still had a picture I embroidered when I was 6 or 7 up on her wall

  3. Wow, well done grandson. That's fab! arent you lucky to have two crafty grandmas as well as a crafty mama!!!!!

  4. Oh, how sweet and how thoughtful! The thoughtful gifts are the best! By the way, I think you're super talented like the rest of your family, my friend. :-)

  5. What a lovely thing to do. Start them early is the answer.

  6. Its amazing when we can experience the talents of those around lovely for you to have such a talented family. This mug mat is so special, what a clever little grandson you have!


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