Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Village

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Pretty Island on Thames

Village scene

Local pub

My Home Village

Local pub

I live in a small village in England, which is two miles from a major town and just ten miles from central London. We have very few shops, lots of pubs, a village green, a school, a nursery, a library, a care home and a cottage hospital. We also have a Post Office, a greengrocer and several cafe's. We are on the banks of The River Thames in a very pretty spot and are also lucky to have a train station and many buses. The village is old and most housing is also very old (my home is 100 years old) and we are nestled, within minutes, of the edge of the Surrey countryside.

An American friend asked for a few pics ... here they are ...

The village green

View over The Thames
Lovely old church
Pretty village house
Typical village house
War memorial

Shop window
Yet another pub

French gifts and fabrics
An estate agent
Gift shop
Local pub

Indian restaurant and ironing shop
An estate agent
The library
Christmas lights

Sadly the village is old and dying - many useful shops have closed over the years and it is now impossible to buy all the daily needs here. We are lucky ro have several pubs, a village hall, a chinese restaurant, an indian restaurant and three cafe's. A thriving post office and pharmacy are also very useful and a florist and greengrocer are well used.

A photographers studio
A gift shop and bakery
Bakery and gift shop
A sport shop


  1. Looks so pretty - I love how you threw in 'French gifts and fabric' - that should have had a HUGE picture x

  2. Funny, I had the same thought as Hadley - how does fabric become an 'and' tagged onto something else? LOL. At leas you have shops, plural! We have a shop, but admittedly it's open from early to late and sells most staples although he's not cheap. We do have two pubs, but then we have 2 miles to the next shop/ restaurant / cafe / etc

  3. Ha, ha ... yes sounds strange - but shop merely makes curtains with lovely French fabrics! However, (lucky me) I am less than one mile from Creative Quilting at Hampton Court - which really does sell fabric.


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