Wednesday, 28 December 2011



So that is another Christmas over! Now to get on with some real life!

I was lucky enough to receive some gorgeous presents from family and friends and just a few were to do with my crafting hobby: a lovely huge self sealing Fiskars board and some new Fiskars rotary cutters and a lovely stack of Japanese fat quarters. I shall really enjoy using these.

They are all so beautiful!

Even more exciting news is that now Christmas is over I am going to be getting a whole new sewing room all to myself as Mr Whizz Kid is moving his stuff out of his dressing room into a larger room just vacated by The Devil Child. My little corner (pic below) has now outgrown its space and is spreading to all corners of the room and so (joy of joys) I shall now be able to make as much mess as I like, leave it, and then just shut the door in my new room!

My present little craft corner

Trying to decide on my priorities is difficult - my friend today says an ironing board is the first essential (I hate ironing) and I guess she is right but it was not even on my list although it certainly should be.  My list looks like this so far ...

Good lighting
Good view of the garden
Large flat area for cutting
New sewing machine !
Comfortable chair
Radio (for radio 4)
Wall TV
Lots of drawers
Lots of shelves
'Set' for photos
Wall board
Display wall
Book shelves
Day bed ??

All this in a rather small bedroom!  Do tell me what you think is the most important and colour suggestions would also be most welcome. 


Wow! That really was a long post.


  1. Lucky you, fabric and a room!
    I would keep the room plain and white, so that the fabrics don't have to fight against anything, and a full design wall would be a dream if you are going to be making full quilts.
    A small ironing table would be handy too.
    So jealous!

  2. hope all the moving around works out OK I am sure what ever colour you decide on you will LOVE it xx

  3. Lovely goodies to fondle, and to look forward to! As for colours, I think Hadley is right, although you can hardly see the walls in my sewing room! Lots of storage - shelves or drawers,. I do have are ironing board up in Lisa's bedroom all the time, but only for ironing fabric, I don't iron clothes! Have fun planning!


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