Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

This has become ...


And this

Flowers have arrived

More flowers have arrived

The kitchen is full of poinsettas

And even more poinsettas

The parcels are all sent
Letters and cards all sent

The vegetables are all prepared

The cup cakes are ready

The turkey is prepared

The sweets are all made

The mince pies are all baked

The cake is ready

The salads are all prepared

The fruit is all ready

Presents are wrapped

11 Christmas Presents & Christmas Gift Box no70404
More presents are wrapped

The drinks are all chilled

The stockings are all filled

Time to relax

To One And All

I want to wish you all a wonderful time with your friends and family.

This last year has been so traumatic for me and I want all my blogland friends to know just how much I have appreciated all the comments, emails, gifts and good wishes sent my way. I particularly want to thank Hadley at Flying Blind, Benta at Slikstitches, and Lindsey at Linen and Purple for their encouragement and support and sticking around during my long illness. Thank you also to the many 'lurkers' (especially in Hersham - do join my blog or comment - we live so close - Merry Christmas especially to you!)


  1. It's been an honour to be your virtual friend and the last month or so following your exploits and makes again has been wonderful - seeing your talents and eye for all things for pretty, makes me smile everyday.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with Mr Whizz-kid and the family. Here's to a great 2012 xxx

  2. Can I echo Hadley's sentiments (I couldn't have said them so well, thanks H) and add I hope you are looking smug - not only are you ready for Christmas which alone entitles you to feel smug, but you are *here* for Christmas and that deserves the biggest smug grin of all! Best wishes to you and yours, and all the best for a knocks-your-socks-off 2012!!!

  3. Looking good...what time is dinner? OH NO! I will be sleeping...maybe next time xx
    Have a great time xx

  4. have a good one and lets do lots of sewy stuff next year......


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