Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pretty Tea Towels

PIP STUDIO Birds in Paradise round cushion
PIP STUDIO Blue bowl 12cm

Pip Studio

The prettiest tea towels, bought in France, that I mentioned in my last post were a little present for a friend (ssshhhss ... no peeking) and when I got home and looked up the makers I was surprised that they were not French at all, but were from Holland.

Christmas present (ssshhhsss!)

Beautiful Chinese Rose linen

The edges had a lovely braid and the ends a thick cotton lace. This red one really 'sings' to me.

Cherry Blossom on pink

Cherry Blossoms on blue

Imagine my surprise to find that the makers Pip Studio sold from my local shopping centre a mile from home! They also appear to be much cheaper when bought in England. Ahh well!

Pip Studio has a lovely web site with lots of goodies for the home ... I love this bedding ...

PIP STUDIO Birds of Paradise bedlinen green
Birds Of Paradise Blue
PIP STUDIO Birds of Paradise cotton robe khaki
Bird Of Paradise Khaki

Mr Whizz Kid offered to buy me this robe but decided against as it would have taken us over our flight allowance ... perhaps now he will find it in Kingston Upon Thames!

PIP STUDIO Shabby Chic cushion


  1. Some things are meant to be - and I reckon Mr Whizz-kid should be making a beeline for the local dressing gown!!

  2. Honestly - I have a few days out of wifi range and find you ave listed about a zillion posts with a dozen plus lovely photos in each, LOL! Looks like you had a good time! I've more or less recovered from jet lag - thank goodness as tomorrow is the half way mark of the holiday!


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