Thursday, 22 December 2011

Today I Made

A Happiness Wreath

Today did not go quite to plan as instead of a sewing day I had a grandchildren day!  We made (or they made) a gingerbread house (and ate most of the sweet decorations), did masses of drawings and puzzles, cooked,  played with a Wii, ate a lot, drank a lot, read comics, played computer games and made a happiness wreath. To make one of these simple wreathes you will need some fabric scraps, a wire coathanger and some pinking shears and a spare hour ...

Strips 1" x 6"
Approx 80 strips of fabric
Wire coathanger
A circle ???
Firmly tie strips
Complete the 'circle'
Hang in the window

I have made better, more colour co-ordinated ones in the past (see below) but this was done with colourful scraps with the 'help' of two small children. We tried to use predominantly red and green but other colours kept creeping in!

Previous wreath

Previous wreath

How to pass a happy hour!

 Now a special request from Benta at


Wiggly Bags

Wiggly Bags are used in hospitals for children who are suffering from cancer. The 'wiggly bag' hangs on a tape around the child's neck and holds the central line, which is used to inject blood or drugs into the body. These children often wear a line for a year or more and so the bag becomes very precious to them. They need to be washed frequently and therefore must be made of cotton for convenience, and the tape must be of a soft variety and not a ribbon, which could be itchy . Without the bag the child would be confined to bed (and a line) so they also provide much needed freedom at a difficult time in a child's life.

The Liberty Rose Trust is appealing for more of these bags suitable for all children. One in three hundred children develop cancer in childhood so fabrics suitable for both sexes and all ages are appreciated. Colourful fabrics, in particular, are much sought after.

I have discovered that a 'fat quarter' makes six of these bags. A piece of fabric 11" x 6" is all that is needed for a bag (although slightly larger is also suitable - but not too big). The finished bag size minimum should be around 5" square. They take around ten minutes to make and would be so appreciated. A tutorial can be found here:

A Fat Quarter With Fairies

Finished Bags

I am now looking for some pink tape to finish them off. The finished bags should be posted to:

The Liberty Rose Trust, Percival House, School Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3AD, United Kingdom.


  1. Those wreaths are fantastic! Years ago I made a similar one but with a circular flower oasis, little squares of fabric and you poke them in the centre with a knitting needle and into the oasis. Very similar end product. But your would certainly be cheaper! Have a wonderful Christmas! x

  2. Oh we have a wreath similar to that this year too!
    Oh I will put those bags on my 'to do' list for the New Year x

  3. Love the wreath, especially it's name! Thnks for the post, I'll certainly make some: I have some lovely kids fabrics!


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