Thursday, 8 December 2011

Super Cute Felt

Inspirational Book

Felt Goodies

I have been buying felt shapes and squares and reading felt books and trying to inspire myself to make some easy pin brooches. They are simple and cheap and fairly easy to do ... I love things that can be completed in one sitting. I think they may be a good decoration for the outside of Christmas parcels - say brown paper and hessian string with a brooch pinned on?

 I am not at all artistic so, (as with everything I make), I find a good example and try to accurately copy it. Other people are so much better at design and putting colours together.

This ...
Plus this ...

Plus this ...
And this ...

And these ...

Equals ...

Violet Chaos
Perfect in  Pink
Beaded Button

Blue Dawn
felt flower - purple & grey
 The Blues
 Pink Posy

 White Water

I think that I realise that the background I choose to take the photo's on makes quite a difference to my blog ... again this is a learning process!  I need more interesting backgrounds (maybe a more interesting home?)  and better photography. At present I use a wooden kitchen table top, a black slate conservatory table top - with or without a white sheet of card. Would love some advice on improvements.  Meanwhile, note to myself ... must try harder!

More pretties  to try to work with ...

Bouquets by Violonjello
I read recently that these felt flowers were the 'in thing' for unique bridal bouquets.

Bridal Bouquet - Source unknown
Another Violonjello pin

And this is what I am aiming for!


  1. Go for it!!!
    Lovely makes so far - I like photos on white - but the skinny windowsills we have are only good for tiny things!

  2. These are lovely badges. Haley makes great ones too, I'm very Impressed with both of you :-)


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