Thursday, 29 December 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning

Morning has broken ...

Get up!

Come on !

Get up!

Now for breakfast ...

Yummy ...

Yummy ...
Yummy ...

Waiting for the fairies to load the dishwasher?
Packed lunches

Off to work ...

Goodbye ...

Goodbye ...
Goodbye Mr Whizz Kid ...
Me ? I'm off to the shops to buy more food ...

There is so much to do today ...


This is how each morning begins but from now on all will change in our household - The Devil Child has moved into his own flat (and taken the girlfriend and his entire entourage with him). This was the last of my four (***five - explain this one later) to move out and I am not sure now just what I will do with my time. Life will be so very different from now on.

The positives are many:

No more school fees.
No more uni fees.
Food still in the fridge.
Money still in my wallet.
Knowing just how many for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
No wet towels on the floor.
Less noise.
Less cooking,washing and ironing.
Family and friends to stay and knowing there is still a bed for them.
Family and friends to eat and knowing there is still food for them.
Being able to sleep uninterupted by late comers.

I have yet to work out the negatives!

As all my special family and friends live nearby I shall still see lots of them anyway so there will be no chance to miss anyone.  Mr Whizz Kid and I just might get to have some money and more fun!

***Adopted a homeless street boy of sixteen (he is now a charming twenty-seven year old young man who now lives elsewhere with his partner). He is probably the success story of my life!

Thanks for being a Mum xx


  1. Oh my, I am not going to wish away the next 20 years or so, BUT I can't wait!!!

  2. do you know.? is Sooo scary how quickly you adapt to having
    a tidy house..
    space ...
    time to your self (to do "me" things)
    OH! I could go on..
    Made me realise that although I love my family, and love them to visit....I also LOVE it when they GO HOME xx enjoy xx

  3. Careful now... they have been known to come back. I made a lovely guest room and a lovely sewing room, Quilty Quarters, but then... one of mine came back... had to let the guest room go.. ha ha ha. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. you are dreaming, they never really leave home because they keep coming back!, to eat your food, borrow your money,stay for a bit,convince you to give them all your white goods[goodbye freezer, and tumble dryer],get you to help decorate their house, do their garden, then the grandchildren come along and they eat your food, you buy all their clothes, shoes, go on holiday with them, or they come to you,
    youl be even more skint!!
    but its brilliant, youl love it,

  5. You don't seem to be suffering from empty-nest, rather relishing in it (the lure of the sewing room helps I should think, lol) so long as they come and vist! What a lovely success story, thanks for sharing! Lovely to know there are still good people in the world!


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