Saturday, 18 September 2010

Where Did The Week Go?

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Mr Whizz Kid and The Devil Child were both away this week and so I thought I would have so much free time on my hands ... did it happen ... No!!  Instead I spent the week with 'ladies who lunch' and had an interesting time.

These are some of the things I did ...

Too Many Cups Of Tea With Friends
Too Much Tea Alone
Too Many Cakes With Friends
Some Cooking For Friends
Some More Cooking For Friends
Ate Some Chocolates (All Mine!)

As you can see ... a bit of a theme going here ... but I also did things that were not food related!

Richmond Park
Sun Shining Over Richmond Park
Cyclist In Richmond Park

I spent some time in Richmond Park with friends before the weather broke here in London and it became very cold. The Park is over 2500 acres and is always full of walkers, horse riders, runners and cyclists. They are all much faster than the motorists who are only able to do under 20 miles an hour and only 10 miles an hour when passing cyclists. Luckily it is beautiful and the slow pace makes for a peaceful afternoon.

The Rutting Season

The deer are really noisy at present (and a little scary) as it is the rutting season. We felt a little uneasy when coming across the large deer as they seemed decidedly unfriendly.

I also did some shopping ... in Kingston Upon Thames, my local large town ...

Entrance To Market Square
Thriving Daily Market Scene
Selection Of Olives

I particularly liked the following shop window display. The shop is  White Stuff  and they are running a charity drive based on the theme of 'Afternoon Tea'. They have persuaded locals to donate home-made tea cosies and also tea pots and they are adorning their windows nationwide with the results. After a limited period they are going to be sold off  for local charities. This window display is so quirky and really caught my eye ...

Now Which Tea Cosy Shall I Have?
Now Which Teapot Shall I Have?

Not only did I like the window display I also liked some of the clothes and managed to buy myself a skirt, which is rather unusual ... it is called The Poppy A Line Skirt in Dewberry ...

Poppy Skirt

Unfortunately did not copy well online and the real thing is packed in a suitcase ready for a holiday ... tomorrow!!

Now all of the above was just some of the things I have been doing ... I also managed to get lots and lots of sewing done.

Firstly, I have been working on my 'pincushion swap' ... and now at my third attempt (first - too plain; second - too huge and will make an excellent doorstop; third - a distinct possibility) ...have almost finished it. I shall let you take a peek if you promise not to tell anyone ... see next post.

I have also made yet another matryoshka, and some some more blocks for my next quilt, and am working on a quilted pillow ... shall take photos this afternoon.

I Told You That I Had Been Busy!


  1. Lots of tea and cakes sounds like a great way to me to keep busy! Add the park onto that and its pretty much perfect!

  2. It's years since I went to Richmond Park, and it looks gorgeous at this time of year. I saw the teapots and cosies in White Stuff and was wondering what it was all about. And now I know.


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