Saturday, 4 September 2010

Free And Easy Stitch Style

I came across a lovely book this week written by Poppy Treffry. I was particularly interested in it as there are lots of her lovely handmade goods in the shops in London at present. (I admired one of her bags in a previous post but thought it too expensive to buy). Her style is totally different to anything else in the area of patchwork ... basically she designs and sews a picture using rough cut fabric and freehand embroidery. The style is distinctly 'folksy' but with a new and cutting edge style. I just love it ... so simple and yet so attractive.

Lovely Poppy Treffry Book

I decided to try a few of her techniques and with my first attempt came up with the following three blocks, which I am going to turn into zippered purses. (The technique is simply - do not cut accurately, do not stitch accurately - just do it and the 'scruffiness' and imperfections add to the charm - suits the lazy, like me!)

Cup Cakes

I loved this simple rustic style and love the 'scruffiness' of the finished product. I realize that if I changed to different coloured cottons the effect could be even more interesting - and as I like the simplicity of this style I shall now try something more adventurous.

Do try this book - it is charming and allows everyone to be 'artistic' ... ha ha!


  1. Love the pair of booby cakes!!

    Feel free to kick me off your blog!!! Tee Hee!

  2. I've had that book maturing on my Amazon wishlist for a while - it's a style I haven't tried out yet but I would like to.

  3. I love the effect of these - it's the sort of thing that I would gleefully buy, but to make them would take me weel out of my comfort zone, beyond stretch zone and into panic zone! I'm looking forward to see what you do next :-)

  4. I did leave a comment on this yesterday, but seem to have messed up when it came to posting it. What a great looking book, I'll have to keep my eyes open for a copy. I especially like your flower, very 'shabby' looking.

  5. yeah those booby cakes are gorgeous! ;P

    I really love all the freehand stitching going on now - its so liberating! You just need to embrace the scruff factor and have fun with it. Looks like a fab book Annabelle - i shall add it to my christmas wish list! :)


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