Friday, 10 September 2010

Pin Cushion Swap

I am taking part in a pin-cushion swap so have spent some time trying to think of something original (and simple so that I can actually make it!)  ... there are so many pretty, pretty, things out there ...


Flowers And  Doughnut

Tomato (Or Is It A Strawberry?)

What Shall I Do? Suggestions Welcome!


  1. I really like the pear; I was sent one in a swap once, but liked it too much to use as a pincushion, so it's sitting on my book shelf looking pretty.

  2. I have pin cushions but find I mostly use the dish type with a magnet. Can you do something like that with fabric too? Not sure if it would work, but i'd love to know if it does!

  3. Hi Annabelle,
    I am looking forward to being your partner in the pin cushion swap.......I have sent you an e-mail and have also added my e-mail address to my profile page.
    Been reading through your blog and I love the quilting panels of the four seasons.
    florrie x

  4. i really like the pear too. i made a mushroom one which was quite sweet. what a good idea to do a swap.

  5. Florrie - don't read this, it might spoil the surprise!!

    Ok, so I am obsessing about houses at the moment, so what about a little cottage? Some nice patched windows and door, embroidered roses growing up the walls. For me and my fumble fingers it would have to be the size of a brick, but I'm sure you are a little more nimble than me!


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