Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bloggers Problems - Please Read

Somethings Are So Difficult!

I have recently tried to contact all my followers and realize that there is a problem, which you all may not be aware of. When going to someones link on the homepage of my blog it is often difficult to contact other members if you are not a member of 'Friends Connect'. Some sites cleverly put their own blog as a link - others as a site that they follow - many do neither and so it is not possible to connect with them unless you have been given a link directly from them previously .... so to the following people (my followers) ... please check this out as it is difficult for me and others to connect with your sites otherwise - and you don't want that do you?

Finding Friends Is Difficult

(Leeann - Benta Hickley - Ria Grande -  Lisa - Sara Perrin - Airy - WvHmmngbrd - Em -  and also you naughty girl Flying Blind!! - all need a direct link on your own site, such as  'Links' )  If no links then I cannot contact you and tell you all what lovely people you are and neither can anyone else who does not have Friends Connect or have found your sites by other means!!


  1. I think I have just sorted this out, I've signed up for something - but I can't promise!

  2. Thanks for pointing this out, but I'm lost as to which settings to change, I've tried loads of changes over the months, but obviously not successfully. Does anyone have an idiots guide? :-)


  3. Hello again all - think that if you link your own site as a 'blogs that I follow' this might at least give one way of following you. Best way though is to provide a 'link' to your own sites in the set up pages. I shall try and look at it and see if I can post better info ...


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