Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pincushion Swap Completed

Boxed And Ready To Go

 This one is especially for Florrie!

Finished my 'Pincushion Swap' (kindly organized by Becky)  and this is all now ready for Mr Postie ...

Ready For The Post Man
Underside Quilted And Embellished
The Pincushion Top Embellished And Quilted

Bag Of Scraps
Fat Quarter

Rustic Heart
Rustic Heart
Good Will Card
New Craft Magazine

I do so hope that  Florrie  will like these things. (Next time, however, will definitely NOT be making fiddly satin roses - they took forever!) I am quite worried as Florrie looks very accomplished and I am a mere beginner! Anyway, shall try not to worry too much about that as I am SO looking forward to receiving mine. Please hurry up Mr Postie!


  1. What a lovely surprise for Florrie. Those satin roses look wonderful, well worth all the effort.

  2. What a lovely parcel to receive and the pin cushion is beautiful.
    Lucky Florrie!

    B xxx

  3. Thanks for visiting! This is a beautiful gift and I am sure Florrie will love it!

  4. Greath Annabelle, Florrie will love it.


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