Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Dreaming With Country Living Magazine

I live in the suburbs of London and just as much as I love being near to the city and all it has to offer I have a dream of country living. Each month I get my little 'fix' in the shape of the wonderful 'Country Living' magazine. I sit and read it cover to cover (with a lovely cup of tea) and devour the pictures ... and then jump in my car, sit on a train, or walk to the local village and thank goodness that I am not stuck in some rural ideal!  So ... come dream with me ...

The Lovely Magazine
Yummy Emporium
Lovely Lifestyle Pictures
Pretty Workspace Ideas
Rural Life Drawings
Gorgeous Gardens
Wonderful Idyllic Homes
Super Scenes Of Country Living
Country Style Furniture
Wonderful Cookery Pictures

This lovely magazine has it all: Houses, Gardens, Food, Crafts, Wildlife, Travel, and Rural Issues. (Unfortunately in real life I shall just have to stick with Country Living Magazine and The Archers!).


  1. Having at last been able to move to the country after years of living in the crowded South East of the UK, I'm loving it. I love the peace and tranquillity around me, the slower pace of life, the village events. I'm not so keen on the 'rural' smells that come our way at certain times of the year from surrounding fields, but I love living in the country.

  2. Annabelle, you get the manor house, and we can have some servant's quarter's in the grounds!

  3. I'd leave as a dream , I also love the " Country Living Mag" and the Archers , but I think I would last 3 months at the most living in rural country , muddy boots, animal smells, normal opening hours, and a few open jars of homemade jam slightly covered with mould would soon get me down , also not being excepted as a local for years also.and having more than 1 glass of wine in the local might set the tongues wagging also I do dream of just sitting looking at fields from the kitchen window , or sitting outside with a bit of quilting with my trusty dog at my side LOL
    No for a while I'll stick with London.


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