Saturday, 4 September 2010

A Crafting Day

Thank you all so much to everyone who has joined me and entered my competition.     'HELLO'    to you all.

Some have no obvious email address and so may prove to be difficult should you win ... more about this if it proves to be difficult on Monday when the draw is made ... meanwhile I have enjoyed looking at your blogs and making new friends in blogland.

You can see that I have been on a bit of a holiday - but now I am back and have had a bit of a crafting day yesterday. These are a few of the things I have been making ...


Firstly, I am making a prezzie for a friend and decided that the whole of it, including the wrapping, was to be home-made. I had an old magazine with some lovely prints on each page and a very glossy finish and thought this might be perfect for wrapping and a home-made bow. I made the bow first ...

Things You Will Need
Page From Glossy Magazine
Page Sliced Like This
Stapled Together Like This
Place Each Inside Previous Larger Strip
A Finished Bow

Next to make the wrapping and the carrier bag  ... I am going to use more of the same magazine ... firstly a little bag to put it all in ...


Using the same magazine I am here making a small carrier bag upon which the above 'bow' will sit upon.

Page 12" x 6" Folded Thus
Bottom And Side Sellotaped, Top Tucked In And Glued
Ribbon Handles Attached With Sellotape
Parcel Complete With Hand Made  Cards


Simple Girls Skirt

This simple skirt was made in under an hour and used lots of left over fabrics ('Dots' by Lecian, and Sevenberry 'Strawberries').


These are a few 'scrappy' hearts that will form the basis for a string of hearts bunting. I love using left over scraps in this way as they are so simple to make, need no planning, costs almost nothing and yet can look so effective when strung across a fireplace, or above a child's bed.

These are simply made by cutting 'freehand' a rustic heart shape through two layers of fabric with pinking shears, a middle layer of wadding is then added and some simple stitching around the edge to give a little form and interest. A loop, some buttons or ribbons, or applique can be added. Just use your imagination!


This block is one of a series that I am putting together for a 'wonky block' quilt. The idea is that each 'dancer' will be at a different angle and the 'wonky background quilting' will add to the appearance of a 'dancing quilt' I am using a variety of new and vintage fabrics ... a bit of nostalgia for the recipient. The background of this block is an old 'Liberty' print that is about thirty years old and was donated by a neighbour. I am now in the process of adding some embroidery, beads, buttons and various trinkets to give it some added interest.

'Wonky Block' (Again Needs Ironing!)


  1. Wow you busy-bee!

    I love love love the wonky block! I am in awe! It's going to look fantastic.

    Great ideas for old magasines and scraps, may have to give those a go.

  2. I'm clearly hopeless. I left a comment here, too, but must have missed out typing in the code! Wonderful packaging, it's the sort of thing I like to do too, but I've never tried out those bows. That's an idea I'm going to pinch, I hope you don't mind. And I love your wonky block, the quilt is going to look terrific if they're all like that.


If you like anything you see do leave me a message to let me know.