Monday, 6 September 2010

Shopping For 'London Based Craft Surprise'

I have been shopping today to look for the 'London Based Craft Surprise' for the 'Giveaway Book' winner, and this is where I went ...

Cath Kidston, Kingston Upon Thames
Beautiful Window Display
Lots Of Goodies
Even More Goodies
So Much Choice
Now What Shall I Buy?

It was at this point that I was informed that photography was not allowed in any of the Cath Kidston stores! Shame ... as it did not allow me to show you just what I intended to buy. I wonder what it was? You will just have to wait until tomorrow to see when the winner is announced!

For anyone who has not yet signed up ... you have until Midnight Monday 6th September (UK time). Do enter!


  1. I could just live in a Cath Kidston shop! If they sold more than travel sweets, I'd never have to leave!

  2. I like flying blinds comment above....funny! I just went into the CK shop near Covent Garden, its great...but what a shame you cant take photo's, I love looking at how shops display goods.

  3. Maybe they are worried that too many of of with think "I can make that" ...and then go and do so for 1/4 of the price using the photo as a guide?

    I *LOVE* CK stuff, but the prices - ouch!!!


  4. oops ... "Too many of us will think" rather than whatever my fingers created in the original post!!!


  5. I enjoy looking at CK shops and getting inspiration, but have never bought more than an oven glove, which was in the sale, as everything is just too pricey.


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