Sunday, 26 September 2010

Flu From Hell

This picture fully portrays my week ...

Pants Week!

I have had the 'Flu From Hell' and been very poorly, which was unfortunate as I have been away on holiday in France celebrating my wedding anniversary. I have spent the week in bed and now after a long search for expensive flights, and a couple of connection, have found my way home early ... and back into bed in London.

This is what I should have been doing ...

Sitting On A Beach In Antibes
Visiting Provence
Buying Diamonds For Me!
Visiting Paris
Having Dinner At The Paris Ritz
Ah Well! 
Another time perhaps?

For now I shall just go back to bed and accept these lovely flowers to make me feel better.

Unusual Blooms

I shall then let Mr Whizz Kid take over the kitchen and look after me until I feel well enough ... trying hard not to think of this image ...

A Man Space?
And remembering this ...

Lovely Thought To Remember


  1. Congratulations on your wedding day, how long have you married? and what sad that you're in bed in stead in France. Let your husband you pamered and don't think to the photo of the kitchen.
    A speedy recovery .
    Greeting Tiny

  2. Oh dear, so sad you had to return early from your holdiay and hoping you feel well again soon. I am enjoying your blog!

  3. the images you posted are all so so lovely. hope you feel better soon and can plan a late trip another time. Is it bad that i think the kitchen looks quite cool?! i am quite untidy...

  4. Oh, what a rotten shame, it's bad enough being poorly at any time, but to be poorly when you're away from home is ghastly. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Oh Annabelle, that wasn't the plan :(

    It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow, as a treat, my parents looked after the 3 monsters today and we went to Bluewater!! Tomorrow we are going to snoop around other people's houses! You have flu, and that still seems more exotic!

    Feel better soon, stay cozy x

  6. Nurse's orders- GET BETTER!!! Oh, I am so sorry about your anniversary being so miserable! Glad you made it back home.

  7. Oh how rubbish! Hope you are getting over it now though.

  8. looks like your mr whizz kid and my mr shedman could be twins-- deepest sympathy feel better soon from tina from sweetypie50 and expeditionquiltart


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