Friday, 8 February 2013

Simple Beginners Knit Shawl

Very Easy Triangular Shawl


I found some Extra Soft Merino Fino Yarn in a wonderful cyclamen colour and decided that I needed a project that I could do with my eyes shut. This  SMC Select  is so soft and cosy and just the thing to have around ones neck ... so a simple triangular shawl it is! This is not going to be a classy thing, just something plain to wrap around me and keep me cosy, (while sitting up in bed blogging perhaps?)

cyclamen                   SMC Select Extra Soft Merino in 'Cyclamen' 50 gram £5.50

50 gram for £5.50

A triangular shawl would take four or more balls depending on the overall desired size needed. I am assuming four balls and knitting on size 5mm needles. A simple pattern is to just increase one stitch at the beginning of each row and knit a triangular shawl to a desired length entirely in garter stitch - so here goes ...

Using 5mm needles ...
Cast on one stitch
*Wool on needle and knit one (making an extra stitch)
Knit to the end of the row*
Continue this row until desired size is reached then cast off
It is that simple!

The shawl can then be finished in any number of ways; with a crochet picot edge, some beads or a fringe. This is entirely a matter of taste. I think I shall crochet the edges to make it a little less plain and maybe even add a knitted or crochet flower or butterfly or two to offset the simplicity of it all.  I have chosen a teal blue for the edging and also for the flowers or butterflies with a grey for accents. All the wools come from the same range.

See the lacy edge created by the first increase stitch of each row?

This is after ten rows

This is after twenty rows

This simple design grows very quickly at first

This is after 100 rows

I am assuming that I need the point of the shawl to be approximately thirty six inches from point to the needle and the overall length or width at the top to be somewhere in the region of five feet. I may make it larger or smaller depending upon how it looks as I go along. I have actually six balls of the cyclamen yarn (300 gram) and one each (50 gram) of the teal blue and the grey. Watch this space ... and yes ... something this simple really can be made without looking, (or while watching TV), and will be just fine to sling around my shoulders in bed on a chilly evening. This is a perfect beginners project. You must know how much I like easy!

Work in progress with my first attempt at a butterfly, (which I shall not use!)  I think they need to be knitted on a smaller size needle (these were a 4mm) and be much neater. Practice, practice, practice!
This seems to be the story of my life.

I am now at the point of changing to a circular needle (80cm) as I have already over two hundred stitches on the needles. An update on this at a later date ... I seem to have so many knitting things on the go at present - I have still not completed my second green 'Chunky Knit Cushion' or my 'Noro Scarf', nor my greeny blue 'Creative Linen Scarf', and as for unfinished sewing projects - how much time do you have to listen?

A Very Simple Project For Non - Knitters


  1. This is really pretty. I crocheted two for my mum last year and she loves them. Really useful on chilly evenings.

  2. I can knit a bit but nothing complicated. This looks perfect as I need a shawl.

  3. You've gone knitting loopy - but it does look great xxx

  4. Click, click , sew ,sew , do you ever sit still woman LOL - It looks great as ever and just the thing to keep the chill out ,and what a great project for all those new to knitting


    Bev xx

  5. That's a beautiful shawl, Annabelle. By the way, I like the new sideboards on your blog. :-)

  6. Well that should keep you warm and snuggly... if you finish it ;o)

  7. That's clever, so you keep going until its big enough or you run out of wool? I like the loops t the side

  8. A great, mindless, project even for experienced knitters who just want something easy to do.

  9. How pretty. And in my favourite colour too., Must have a closer look. I love the edging.

  10. gosh that look very easy ...............i could do it...maybe :)))


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