Monday, 4 February 2013

Paper Valentine Wreath

A Cheap And Cheerful Decoration
For The Kids To Make

Valentine Day Paper Wreath

This Valentine Day I intend to make a bit of an effort, (I never do), and this is the first little make that I intend to put on the front door to welcome Mr Whizz Kid home. It is cheap and cheerful and costs absolutely nothing ...

Find some pamphlets or newspaper supplements

Cut out two circles using a plate and a saucer
I used pinking sheers
Using a sheet of colourful paper cut out a leaf shape on the fold
Force a seam along the length with the colour uppermost

Make a nice pile of these cutouts

Using a stapler attach these 'leaves' to the backing circle

Slowly build up the layers

Try and cover the whole of the backing circle

Make sure each staple is invisible

Almost there

Cover the circle with the cutout piece

Add a cutout pink heart and a red ribbon

Costs absolutely nothing and keeps the kids busy for half an hour. A more sophisticated one can be made with red crepe paper or fancy wrapping paper. I intend to lightly spray this one red and sparkly when I get a chance to visit the craft shop tomorrow  ...

Sweets for my sweetie


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