Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday Stuff

Some Pretty Things

Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Tulips in Canary
Notting Hill Tulips
Joel Dewberry

Rob Bancroft microMod Tic Toc in Teal
Micro Mod Tic Toc
Rob Bancroft

Laura Gunn Garden Wall Bamboo Thicket in Citron
Garden Wall Bamboo Thicket
Laura Gunn

Amy Butler Cameo Harriet`s Kitchen in Sugar
Cameo Harriat's Kitchen
Amy Butler

All the above fabrics are from the new season's collections available from  EclecticMaker

Milk Punch Bundle

Curious Comfort Bundle

Green Devil Bundle

Grapefruit Fizz Bundle

All the above fabrics are from the new season's collection available at  BackStitch.

Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 51
Rowan 51

Rowan Posse

Rowan Babette

All the above patterns are from the new season's collection available at  Rowan.

Freshcut™ Laminate OCHB007-Turquoise Laminate Fabric by Heather Bailey
Fresh Cut Laminate
Heather Bailey

Good Fortune Laminates 27106-16C Laminate Fabric by Kate Spain
Good Fortune Laminate
Kate Spain

Greenhouse Laminates OCEM005-Royal Laminate Fabric by Erin McMorris
Greenhouse Laminate
Erin McMorris

All the above laminates are from the new season's collection at   QuiltHome

A special Saturday!
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  1. A fine friend ou are - I come to visit you and you send me off o Backstitch where I get o engrossed in spending money I for get o come back to you! As if I NEED any more fabric! X x

  2. oooooh ... pretty, pretty!! I'm glad it's too early in the morning and I'm still in my jammies working on my second cup of coffee, otherwise I'd be hopping into my car to haunt my local fabric stores. LOL

  3. Hello! We met at the Maltings today and now I've found your blog! Lovely fabrics up there - will be back to see how to manage regular blog posts!

  4. Lovely fabrics and the knitting patterns are great too. Particularly like the curious comfort bundle.

  5. Oh you enabler you! I managed to talk my mum into knittng me a new cardi today - didn't take much, there was a sale on in the wool shop that she'd gone into with me to get ribbon and I saw some cool recycled cotton yarn in a pretty blue... ;o)

  6. Those beautiful, fresh fabrics make my stash look positively shabby! Gorgeous colours.

  7. Yes, they are very pretty fabrics. I am just getting back into sewing. It haunts me that I could have a stash of fabric like my mother had when I was young.

  8. You are a temptress. My finger is itching to order some of these fabrics on line.


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