Thursday, 7 February 2013

Polymer Crochet Hook Handle

Look What Postie Bought Me ...

From Robin's Nest
Via Etsy

You may remember my not so successful attempt at making my own polymer handles for crochet hooks? I was told later by several people that the Fimo I had used was the wrong kind and consequently difficult to soften. I had used 'classic' as opposed to the 'softee', which would have made it more malleable. In my frustration I ordered one from Robin's Nest on Etsy - and I am so glad that I did. It is beautiful, so perfectly finished and a joy to hold.

It has a delicate sparkle to it and is in a delightful shade of sky blue and beautifully smooth and polished. Robin Murray hand makes these lovely hadles at her home in Vermont and she also sells yarns and buttons, which are also hand made. Do pay her a visit sometime soon (have your credit card handy) at, or alternatively see her goods on Etsy -

I so love the way that the hook was presented - it came in its own 'pretty in pink' drawstring bag along with a matching darning needle - isn't that cute? It also had a pretty label attached with a tiny peg. Oh ... do give one to someone you love ... it is so adorable. Now I need more in other sizes!

And now for some serious crochet!


  1. how lovely it is and so beautifully presented ,,,,though i am looking forward to you having another go :))))

  2. Very pretty. Hope this makes it easier for you to crochet. Love the bag. I am always happy when things come with a little 'surprise' - either a pretty container, lovely packaging, or best of all, a beautiful lining, like a little secret.

  3. Your new crochet hook handle is truly very very pretty. I am sure you will enjoy crocheting with it and creating wonderful new creations. Hugs Judy

  4. Very pretty! Now get hooking ;o)

  5. Pretty, but I think you're going to get me in trouble cause nowI HAVE to visit her store. Quick hide the credit card.

  6. The crochet hook fits the "useful and beautiful" maxim doesn't it? So much easier to work with tools which are pleasing to the eye. Enjoyed reading about you on your previous post. The cake looked like it might have been coffee/walnut. My all time favourite.

  7. Oh I definitely need to learn to crochet, I want one of those!


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