Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Patchwork Crochet Kit Bag

Trying A New Technique

Tiny patchwork bag


I recently read about the way tiny squares could be sewn together by way of a fusible web on the back. So with some tiny squares I thought I might have a go. I needed a new bag for my patchwork kit so with just a few scraps of  Sevenberry Japanese Fabric in pinks I tried.

Sevenberry Japanese cottons

I cut the larger piece of fabric into 2 inch squares and placed it on the adhesive web edge to edge. I then sewed the columns horizontally - snipping the back and ironing seams open - until I had covered the fusible backing and then sewed across the  columms vertically - again snipping the back and ironing seams open - until I had covered the backing. I used just a little fabric, 1 x 16 x 12 inch,  (for the front), and 3  x  9 x 7 inches (for the back and lining). It was a very easy way to join tiny squares (on the front only),  I shall now try it again with different and mixed fabric squares and a larger finished size and make a true patchwork. The finished bag is 8 x 6 inches and just right for my crochet project kit.

The tutorial that I used can be found here at  Sew Mama Sew.

Zipped lined bag

Tiny patches decorated with buttons

 Sevenberry Fabric backing

Just the right size for hook and yarn

Not perfect squares but a good first try

I was relatively pleased with the effort but felt it would have been easier to put the zip into a piece of fabric that did not have so many joins, luckily the cotton is rather thin and so it eventually went in rather well and fairly neatly.


  1. One super little crochet bag , lovely job as ever

    Bev xx

  2. beautiful bag and really lovely Japanese cottons...good job!

  3. That's very pretty. It's great to master new skills.

  4. This is very c;ever and a good way of using up scraps.

  5. Very sweet, though I can imagine the zip over those seams must have been challenging!

  6. Oh the pink Sevenberry is soooo pretty, and a perfect crochet bag. I love Elizabeth's method; I have a lot of 1"HSTs that will be joined with that method x

  7. I have the same problem with zips and lots of seams, so I usually put a contrasting band across the top to make it easier. Thanks for the tutorial link.


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