Friday, 1 February 2013

Quick Knit Cushion

Ta Dah!

My first chunky knit cushion


Now I am really pleased with myself for finishing this cushion so quickly. I am not much of a knitter and only began knitting again fairly recently. There was one slight change to the pattern in the last post in that I decided buttonholes were necessary given the large size of the buttons. They were easily accomplished by spacing and then by making easy holes (wool on needle, knit two together - between the rows of garter stitch). The details of materials and sizing are on the previous post ...

The finished chunky knit cushion

Don't you just love those buttons?

The back is as cuddly as the front

Pretty good colour match for the sofa

I so enjoyed this easy project that I have already started another using the same materials but in a different colourway ... watch this space for the twin!

Sirdar Super Chunky Faroe in 'Kindred'

And these adorable buttons from John Lewis at £1.50 each

This lovely Sirdar Chunky Knit Faroe yarn in 'Kindred' has shades of green and grey with a purple hue and will look delightful with these buttons. It cost £3.50 for 50 gram and is available online from John Lewis.

Note: There was a slight 'blip' when trying to sew the cushion together as the chunky wool (3 x DK) refused to go through the eye of even the largest darning needle so it had to be crocheted together. Please bear this in mind if you decide to knit some chunky items!


  1. The cushion is absolutely beautiful and the buttons are adorable. Lovely work indeed. Hugs Judy

  2. It looks so cuddly, and such pretty buttons too.

  3. That is gorgeous, Annabelle! Looking forward to the second version. The buttons are very pretty ... are they mother of pearl or some kind of shell?

  4. You are on a roll, Mr WhizzKid better stake his claim on the sofa, or there will be no room left!

  5. Gorgeous! What a beautiful pillow! I think the buttons have stolen the show. They are perfect!

  6. Looks great, love the chunky buttons you used

  7. Hi Ann,
    well it looks fab - well done you

    Bev xx

  8. Very nice. I love the knitted stitch. It looks great on your sofa.


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