Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Quick Knit Slippers

Just Like Grandma Made

Hand knit cosy slippers
Based on a 1940s pattern

I have recently had new carpets and they are a very pale beige. Lots of my friends have been turning up in wet and soggy boots and I am keen that they leave them in the hall. One neighbour recently objected so much to removing her boots that she hasn't visited since. So ... I remember a Japanese friend always having a pile of knitted slippers in a basket in the hallway and we would all take off our shoes and boots and put some on. Apparently it is very rude and unacceptable to wear outdoor shoes inside a Japanese home. I decided to copy this idea with some homemade slippers in my hall.

Searching the net for simple knit slipper patterns, they all appear to be similar, and very quick and easy to knit. So I decided to design my own based on some of the simple designs I found on Ravelry.
For the sizing I measured my foot from toe to heel (9 inches) and detracted 1 inch as the knitted slipper will be stretchy (8 inches). I am a size 5.5/6.0 UK - and these fitted perfectly. The slipper can be made smaller or larger by decreasing or increasing the garter stitch rows, or by using different size needles and different gauge wools.

The materials were just what I had in my stash -

2 x 50 gram balls of multicoloured sock wool in 4 ply - to be used together
1 pair of size 7 mm needles
A darning needle

The Slipper - Make 2

Using both balls of wool at once and No 7 mm needles
Cast on 30 st
Knit first row into the back of the stitches
Knit 30 rows in garter stitch
(Approximately 5.5 inches)
Next row purl
K10, K 2 tog, K6, K2 tog, K10
Next row purl
K 9, K2 tog, K6, K2 tog, K9
Next row purl
K8, K2 tog, K6, K2 tog, K8
Next row purl
K7, K2 tog, K6, K2 tog, K7
Next row purl
K6, K2 tog, K6, K2 tog, K6
Next row purl
K5, K2 tog, K6, K2 tog, K5
Next row purl
K4, K2 tog, K6, K2 tog, K4
Next row purl
K3, K2 tog, K6, K2 tog, K3
Next row purl
(Approximately 2.5 inches)
Leaving 14 stitches on needle thread double strand through all stitches and draw tightly.

Sew the toes together until you reach the garter stitch area
Sew the back seam

The Bows - Make 2

Cast on 7 stitches using No 7 mm needles
Knit into back of stitches for first row
Knit 15 rows in garter stitch
Knit into back of stitches for last row
Cast off

The Ties - Make 2

Cast on 3 stitches using No 7 mm needles
Knit into back of stitches for first row
Knit 7 rows in garter stitch
Knit into back of stitches for last row
Cast off

Make up bows and attach to slippers

Sadly blogger is misbehaving and so the photos are not at all where they are supposed to be ... still I think they will give you a picture of just what I did - though not necessarily in that order!

NB. While I was making the slippers the bad cat puked on the carpet - so these were unable to save the carpet from stains!  Ggrrrr!



  1. she has probably got big bunions that she didnt want you to see ...........too bad for her she wont get to wear gorgeous knit slippers :)))

  2. what a cracking idea , I just love these, I may just have to give them go. The mother would love them

    Bev xx

  3. That was a friend either with filthy carpets or just plain rude; make sure you pop round to hers in muddy welles xxx

  4. Funky idea! Now save me a pair of cotton ones please :o)

  5. Love those slippers ... very cute! :-)

  6. These are lovely. You would be a bit cold in my kitchen in these, but it's a good idea.

  7. Lovely! My mother still has a pair of knitted slippers that her mother made, they have leather soles. If my Nana was still alive now she would be 122! they have done well :)

  8. Oh I love these! Wow! You did an amazing job creating your own pattern and making this tutorial. I would love to try it if I could get some free time. The color is fab and I love your bow!
    Congrats on the new carpet!

  9. Annabelle,
    They are so colorful and fun! I would NOT want to walk on anyones cream colored carpet!
    We live on a farm which means mud and boots....My hubby is in and out of the house during the day and I am about to make him some HUGE felt slippers that he can slip his boots into. When we wnent to the castle in the picture on my header, they had us put these HUGE felt slippers on. they were big enough that you just slid your shoe right into the slipper. I thought that for him, that would be best. We are looking for new carpet and I decided we need a two door/three shelf cabinet in the entry way and a place for his HUGE felt slipers....mabe I can make them out of wool...I have some of that from my mother's things...The rest of us will just have to remove our shoes! You are much kinder than I, I won't knit for everyone!
    Happy hearts to you!

  10. Well I just love them ... Can I come and walk on your carpets wearing them please

  11. Brillant idea: my grandmother in Norway had the same, and my aunt does too, no one would dream of wearing shoes in the house in Norway. I don't think the neighbour sounds like much of a loss!!

  12. Canadians take their shoes off at the door too. Perhaps it is the U.K. which is out of 'step'. My English visitors went from finding it strange to adopting the custom. Having slippers by the door is a very nice idea.

  13. What a lovely idea Annabelle, I love the yarn you used to knit them...........thanks for the pattern and for leaving such a lovely comment. x

  14. Havent 'seen' you in ages..hope all is well x

  15. I keep popping back hoping to find you came back, fingers crossed you are just too busy crafting and visiting.
    Good wishes

  16. Annabelle,
    How are you girl? I remembered having slippers like these in our home when we were growing up, and came back to see how you are. I think I want to make some for my grandgirls. Let us know how you are doing!
    Hearts to you,

  17. What a lovely idea.

    I think it is rude not to take off shoes when going into a home. I know what you ean about cat puke staining.... our 2 did it the moment the cacrpet fitter left (and yes, our carpets are just off cream colour.... or at least they were!)

    I love your slipper idea.

  18. Ohhh I remember those! My granny used to have loads. It is pretty rude in my country to wear outside footwear inside, especially if you are visiting someone. I get bit annoyed when people walk in their muddy shoes into my living room. I just love the colours you chose:) x

  19. These are adorable! And a great idea to save you carpet even they don't stop the cat being sick :)

  20. Annabelle,
    I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. It has been awhile since we emailed and I wanted to know how you are doing. Please email me if you can and feel up to it.

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  22. Thank you so much for sharing. I have just made myself a pair. They were so easy and quick to make. Brilliant for a beginner who wants a first proper project. All the best Natalie


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