Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy Day Crafts And Giveaway Results

Giveaway Results

The winner of the giveaway book is  Indianna Dreams.  Thank you so much to all who took part and to my new followers.

75 Birds, Butterflies and Beautiful Beasties
To Knit and Crochet
By Leslie Stanfield

Congratulations Indianna Dreams


I  Love Cosy Days At Home

Being a bit overwhelmed with various household and family stuff I seem to have done very little of late. The weather here is pretty atrocious so it is a perfect time to get some little craft finishes out of the way. Today I decided to get some things finished that have been hanging around for a few weeks ...

This little baby bolero is an experiment. It will fit a 3-6 month old baby.  I'm not sure that it will work terribly well given that it does not appear to cover much. It is a copy of one I bought in NZ and the pattern was a bit hit and miss.Probably another one for a teddy bear. I shall give this another try ...

I have since found several more boleros on Ravelry, which appear to be more appropriate. I thought the fabric edging and the pretty buttons gave it a little more style.

This one worked much better and was a lot better fit. I practiced my 'mattress' stitch sewing up and it seemed to be much better for all that. This will fit a 6-12 month old baby. The pattern again comes from Ravelry.

I joined a 'Grand Tea Swap' organised by Lucy and decided that along with my various teas I would include some little tea bag holders for the handbag. This was a first attempt and probably a bit too big and fussy for the smaller bags.

After a bit of tidying up and a few pattern corrections I intend to make another eighteen of these  for each of the ladies taking part in the swap. I may not get them all done today but I shall give it a try. I am looking forward to shopping for some exotic teas when the snow clears.

A little break for a pub lunch was a welcome trip out in the snow ...


Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding always tastes so much better when I have not had to cook it myself.  Once again we visited our favourite rustic pub in Wimbledon Village, which is called The Fire Stables

Lovely fireside seats


  1. I love how the fabric edging looks against the knitted fabric. Really beautiful. I wouldn't mind some beef and Yorkshire Pud either and a cosy fireside seat. I am quite sure I would take a snooze! xxx

  2. I really like the cardi with the fabric edging, it works very well . Great kitten picture too.

  3. The second cardi is my favourite; and ALL food tastes better if you (well, 'I') haven't had to cook it!

  4. Looks like a fun day, and love the 2nd cardi too!

  5. You have a lovely blog. I'm new follower and 'Grow Your Blog' participant. Have fun in at the party!
    Evalina, This and that...

  6. Congratulations to Indiana Dreams, and to you for finishing some knitting!

  7. I love the tea bag covers. As for the baby kimonos, they are adorable.

  8. Thanks for the win.....looking forward to the book. The tea bag holders are a lovely idea and look great.


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