Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mason's Regency China Brooch

Masons China Memories

Brooch from Mason's China

When my eldest son was twelve he bought me a pretty plate for Mother's Day. It had come from the local junk shop and was so adorable. It was a Mason's Ironstone China Regency Style plate.

047r1 Masons Regency Pattern Plate
A pretty plate

When he was a little older and married I started collecting pieces for him and later gave them to him and his wife. Sadly these are now long gone but the memories linger on ...

Imagine my delight to receive in the post last week, all the way from NZ, this adorable brooch made from broken Mason's Ironstone China in the Regency pattern ... (Thank you B. x).  Isn't it a lovely thought? Sadly I have lost the tag so have no idea who made it but I am so pleased to know that even broken china from this range can look so pretty.

Brooch from broken Mason's China

Recently I bought this matching butter dish for a friend's birthday as she collects blue and white china. I think she was rather pleased with it.

048r1 Mason's Cheese Dish
Pretty butter dish

Pretty sandwich tray

023r2 Mason's Regency Toast Rack
Pretty toast rack

Photos and Mason's Ironstone China Regency pattern is available from  The Antiques Shop

"This Masons Ironstone China Pattern is called Regency and is one of the most sought after of all Masons Ironstone China Patterns. This pattern was also sold under the name of Plantation Colonial for the American/Canadian Market, and was specially made for Carl Forlsund. Regency is most commonly found in the Blue but is also available in the Red colourway. The china was produced by Masons from 1796 - 1856, when it was taken under the umbrella of Wedgewood. In 1996 it celebrated its 200th anniversary". Hollytree China.

Such a delightful pattern
Via Holly Tree China


  1. What a bittersweet story. I am so sorry you lost all your collection, but what a blessing that someone sent you that beautiful brooch.

    blessings, denise :D

  2. I've never come across this before, but the brooch was a lovely way to do some recycling of it

  3. What a lovely pattern. Floral china is one of my weaknesses.

  4. Beautiful collection - especially the brooch.

  5. The brooch is super. Of course, I love the china.


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