Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Creative Linen Scarf

Finished At Last!

This scarf was supposed to be a present for a lovely neighbour but sadly was not finished in time for Christmas. However, now it is finished - and I am very pleased with it indeed. It is very simple to make although it looks rather complicated, and it has only one simple pattern throughout ...

Using Rowan Creative Linen wool (100 gram skein) and size 5mm needles ...

Cast on 27 stitches
First row knit into the back of the stitches
Next row K1, P1, K1 until the end
Repeat this row 4 more times

Next row K1, ***wool forward, K2 together, wool forward, K2 together ***repeat until the end
Repeat this row until the desired length

Next row K1, P1, K1 until the end
Repeat this row 4 more times
Last row knit into the back of the stitches
Cast off 27 stitches

The (free) pattern comes from Rowan and the yarn is a Rowan Creative Linen in 'Carmin'. It is 50% cotton and 50% linen and has a lovely texture. The finished length of the scarf is a little under six feet but is adjustable to suit (I had a fair bit of yarn left over from the 100 gram skein). It costs about £9 for the materials.

Just in time for next Christmas!

Super wools to use this year

This year I have recovered enough to allow me to do a little crochet and knitting and a fair bit of sewing. My granny squares are piling up, I am half way through some socks and about to begin to knit a cowl scarf and some fingerless gloves. I have been particularly pleased with some of the baby items - boots, cardis, toys etc., (small and quickly completed), and particularly the wavy colourful knitted baby blanket. Remember this ...

Amy Butler Belle Organic DK by Rowan
The colours are 'Cilentro', 'Peony', 'Robin's Egg', 'Indigo' and 'Persimmon'

Which turned into this ...

Coming along nicely

Easy pattern

Introducing a few more colours

And eventually it was finished just in time for the baby with a navy crochet edge!  PIC TO ADD

I think I may have had a more productive year if I had not been travelling so much - firstly to Positano, then to Barcelona and then for six weeks to New Zealand - and then there were the weeks away for jury service! Now I shall try and stay at home for a while and do some serious crafting.
Tomorrow I shall try and do a roundup of my finishes for the year - when my laptop and blogger are behaving better.


  1. So great to have you back online! As for the gadding about... Well I remain very jealous xxx

  2. I'm not a knitter, and am envious of those who are and produce such lovely things. But I love the texture of wool and linen and cotton, and your purple collage is terrific.

  3. hope you had a lovely christmas and new year all the best for 2013 .....and keep travelling it is good for you :)))
    i can knit sort of but do crochet loved the pink scarf .

  4. the scarf is lovely and glad you were able to get back into your crafts again, and were well enough to be so well travelled :o) Happy new year!

  5. you have a light touch and knit to a very nice hand, give yourself a big pat on the back for really good work, well done- YOU ARE A STAR!


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