Friday, 4 January 2013

Some Crafty Gifts

Thank You Bloggy Friends

I was very lucky to have received a few crafty gifts over Christmas, which so far I have neglected to give proper thanks for. From my lovely friend came a wonderful sewing box from the V and A. Shop (Thank you G. x). This is most useful as until now all my sewing stuff has been kept upstairs in my sewing room - now I shall no longer have to traipse up and down stairs every time I need some needles, etc., they will be there in the family room in the prettiest box ever. Isn't it lovely?

You know how much I like pink and this pink is just so pretty - sadly I will now need to buy lots of goodies to put into it (he he) to duplicate my sewing room supplies.

A lovely book, which has been on my wish list for some time was also a present (Thank you A x). The Bag Making Bible  by Lisa Lam is just gorgeous and will encourage me to keep up with the bag making - always useful presents.

I already have tooooo many fabrics in my stash by  Amy Butler  and this will surely encourage me to use them as many of the bags are depicted in her designs. I love the one on the cover and have both fabrics hanging around not knowing just what to do with themselves.

What a gorgeous book, which is available on  Amazon.

This lovely picture was designed and lino printed by my clever friend (Thank you G. x) to go on the wall in my sewing room. See the lovely colours again? She sure knows my taste and is very clever.


I was also lucky enough to get two bloggy awards (Thank you Laura and Katja. x), both new to me. Sadly I do not have time today for the rigmarole associated with them so I shall just say a big 'thank you' and will complete the list of requests and links and passing them on when I have more time.
The lovely  Annabellelouise  made me a ...
A cushion?

Yes you have guessed it ... a cushion! It is so pretty and made in the most gorgeous  Liberty  print. It also has a lovely detachable rosette, which can be worn as a brooch. How clever. (Thank you so much A. x) it is soooo very kind of you.
Lovely rosette
And here below are some more of their lovely fabrics. 
Wiltshire S Tana Lawn
Tatum, A, Liberty Art Fabrics
Thorpe, T, Liberty Art Fabrics
Wiltshire L Tana Lawn 
I also had lots of other really lovely non craft related gifts from
 family and friends. What a kind lot of people I know. Thank you.


  1. Fantastic gifts...lucky girl! The sewing box is really handy, I have been looking for a wooden one to have downstairs. Ive also looked at that bag book before and thought how lovely it is and I think you know I love Liberty!

  2. I really like your new blog banner too x

  3. Great gifts, and cunning idea to shift some sewing into the living room ;o) That bag book truly is a bible, I use it all the time when designing patterns!

  4. Sorry, hopelessly behind on blog reading! Lovely pressies, G's print is really fab does s/he sell them?


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