Friday, 25 January 2013

Super Scarf

Velveteen And Voile Scarf

Figure Eight Scarf Kit - Midnight and Lilac
The fabrics

I saw a lovely figure of eight scarf over on  Hadley's lovely blog ... and, being totally spoilt, I wanted one. She directed me to  Pink Castle Fabrics where the pre-cut fabrics could be found.  The kit costs US$.24.00. (Approximately £19.00 GBP).  After a little fiddling with my easy friend Mr Paypal  I purchased a kit in some lovely shades of purples, pinks and midnight blue. A week later lovely Mr Postie delivered this ...


The pattern for this easy scarf comes from Anna Maria Horner - and it should be possible to sew it together in under an hour THAT IS if you are wide awake when you do it! I stupidly sewed the ends together without first turning the scarf through - schoolgirl error - and rather than unpick the seam I cut the ends, turned it through and re-attached it. So now my lovely figure of eight scarf is 18 x 70 inches instead of the stated size of 18 x 72 inches. It is still lovely though. The pattern can be found here

So one hour ten minutes later this is the finished scarf. The velveteen is a deep and fabulous fabric and the voile delicate and charming. It is beautifully soft and very eye-catching and I love it! Here are a couple of photos of me wearing it - and yes my hair really has grown again and is very long and very curly - totally inappropriate for my age but it is so good to have hair again!


  1. Oooh that looks lovely, I'm always tempted by the velveteens, but haven't succmbed yet!

  2. oooo that looks gorgeous ...........glad you got over you trouble !! 2 inches wont be noticed :))

  3. I think I am going to have to have one too. The fabric is soooo gorgeous. Thanks for your birthday wishes for my blog. The drawing is lovely. I have the original framed. Like your new blog layout.

  4. p.s. Ypsilanti is not far from where I come from.

  5. Both scarf and hair (what I can see of it) looking wonderful!

  6. The scarf is lovely and so are your long curly locks, Annabelle. :-)

  7. I saw Hadleys, I love your colour choice too! I don't think you'll miss the 2 inches too much!

  8. I still plan on making one of these, your colours are fabulous.


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