Sunday, 27 January 2013

Knit An iPhone?

Fun Knit For Kids

My grandchildren are very lucky and have iPhones and iPads, that is all except for the very youngest. I decided to remedy this in a silly way - and knit him an iPhone. Trying to work out an appropriate pattern was a bit hit and miss ... but this is what I did.

Using number 4mm needles and a variety of double knit wools I cast on 18 stitches.

Cast on eighteen stitches in first colour

Using two main colours and a variety of bright colours for the keypads.
Starting at the bottom of the back of the toy.
For the first row I knit into the back of the stitches.
For all the following rows I knit in stocking stitch.
Knit five rows in first colour.
Change to second colour and knit seven rows in stocking stitch.

Knit seven rows in second colour

Back to the first colour knit seventeen rows in stocking stitch.
Knit into the back of the stitches for one row.
(This creates a ridge at the top).
This now completes the back ending at the top of the phone.

Top of the back and five rows of the front - top down

Continue on these stitches for the front (knit in one piece).
You will now be knitting the front top down.
Knit five rows in stocking stitch.
**For the keypads I divided the eighteen stitches into twos.
For each end and between each coloured pad I knitted the main colour.
For the keys (four keys) I knitted each in a different colour.
Each key carried over two rows (ie 2 x 2).
Between each set of keys I knitted two rows in the main colour.
On the third row of keys I knit just three keys as in the original.
Between the third set of keys and the last row of keys I knitted seven rows in the main colour.
After the last row of keys I knitted another seven rows.
One row was then knitted into the back and then the last row was cast off.

**Now at this point I was in a muddle while knitting five colours at once for each row and did not stop to take photos - I was truly TIED UP!

Finished knit with foam 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5

Ready to sew together and stuff

So 18 stitches across and 29 rows each side make an iPhone of 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches,
which is the size of the original. (Size 4mm needles and DK yarn).

Fun knit iPhone Front

Fun knit iPhone Back

I'm sure that some of you expert knitters out there can improve on this first prototype - do let me know how to improve the toy.  Meanwhile I spent a happy hour making this just for fun!

Looking at a real iPhone I have realized it needs a little red dotted about - I will remedy this later.

Ta Dah!


  1. Very cute, and it would make a great screen cleaner too.

  2. think it will be loved :)) i love you brooch from yesterday by the way too :))

  3. What a neat idea. I am going to pin this for a future project! Thanks for the instructions!

  4. I agree with Hadley...such fun. Its what I call, a very clever idea!

  5. What a clever grandma you are! (and I love the brooch in the previous post, a great way to recycle!

  6. How bright and colourful...
    Have a wonderful happy week.

  7. Ha! How clever! I love it.


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