Monday, 7 January 2013

Grand Tea Swap

A Lovely Cuppa

Victorian Storybook Cover with Children at Tea Party  *CC*

Lucy at  'Lucy In The Sky'  has a marvellous idea for getting to know fellow bloggers over a nice cup of tea. She has arranged a 'tea swap' where you sign up and then look down the list and send some tea - or a few teabags - to anyone on the list - anytime. What a great idea for the tea lovers among us. We have lots of specialist tea shops here in London and I shall enjoy searching out some weird and wacky stuff. What fun and a great way to meet new bloggers and find interesting blogs! I MAY even be persuaded to make some small tea pockets/wallets to send along too, (I love taking my favourite brew along in my bag - don't you?)

Love Tea
Join me in a cuppa?


  1. Alas, a distinct tea and coffee loather here, but have fun!

  2. A lovely idea, but I'm half with Katy, I'm of the coffee persuasion! (I could have been tempted to a pastie though,and you got some fab fabrics from Jo!

  3. From a fellow tea lover, I enjoyed your post, Annabelle. Just received an order from The Republic of Tea, and am quite taken with the Asian Jasmine White Tea. And, yes, I love taking my favorite brew along in my bag (I'm a tea bag toter too). Just curious, what's your favorite tea right now?

  4. This really sounds fun! I have a great tea shop near me as well...with lots of tantalizing teas! I host a tea blog hop on Tuesdays with my friend Martha. We are big tea cup fans!


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