Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

Shall We Have Tea?

Brownies on  Emma Bridgewater plate

One of the very favourite biscuits/cakes among my friends appears to be chocolate brownies. They are quite difficult to get just right - crispy on top and soft and fudgy in the centre. There is an easier way to make an approximation of them. It is by no means the ordinary method as it involves no cooking at all - some might call it a refrigerator cake. It can be made in minutes, is just as delicious and perfect for lunch boxes or with a cup of tea. Do give it a try.

Chocolate Brownie Style Refrigerator Cake

Small pack (250 gram) digestive biscuits
Small pack (150 gram) Oreo biscuits
Half a block of butter
2 tablespoons hot chocolate powder
2 tablespoons golden syrup
Block of chocolate - around 200 gram

Crush the biscuits in a bag or bowl - leave a little 'bite' in them
Melt the butter, chocolate powder and golden syrup in the microwave
Mix thoroughly with the crushed biscuits
Pour into a lined baking tray and put in the fridge for 15 minutes
Meanwhile melt the chocolate with around 2oz butter and pour over the base

Return to the fridge for another 15 minutes and then remove and cut.
It works better if it is always cut with a hot knife, (dip in boiling water), and with the cake at room temperature





  1. Digestive biscuits? I'm wondering what the American equivalent would be? This is a new term for me.

  2. Very yummy...got to love Eeyore. The more it snows tiddle e Pom..... Did you receive my address?

  3. Works for me! And there was me thinking they loved them because of a little something extra you slipped in ;o)

  4. Your cake looks delicious! I'm still making my way through visiting everyone from Vicki's Grow Your Blog party. I hope you will stop by to say hello.

  5. There are an awful lot of close ups on chocolate!

  6. Hello Annabelle, I have never heard of no bake brownies before! I think this is fab! They look delicious and would be perfect for tea. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. oooh that looks amazing. i have friends coming this weekend, sounds like the perfect excuse to have a go at this! ;)

  8. These look good. No wonder they were polished off quickly. The American equivalent for digestive biscuits is Graham crackers.

  9. This is exactly what i would like to eat - now! Yum!


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