Wednesday, 9 May 2012

May I introduce you to Pochahontas?


Pretty hat and dress

I even knit her a shawl

Back view of shawl


My first attempt at a felt doll, which stands around fourteen inches high. I have realized that felt does not make for a good hairstyle so will try another with wool and other improvements. I think I may now give her some beads in the hair and some sparkle.

Pocahontas. By Charles Staal, engraved by B. Eyles. From Mary
                                Cowden Clarke, 
                                    World-Noted Women.
Pochahontas by Charles Staal
Engraved by B. Eyles
Via World Noted Women

1596   Born - daughter of Cheif Powhatatan

1608   Ordeal - saved John Smith from execution

1613   Religion - converted to Christianity

1616   Ordeal - first journey to England

1617   Death - in Gravesend, England

There is a memorial statue to her at St Georges Church, Gravesend, England.


  1. Fun wee doll, although yes, felt is not very forgiving for 'flowing' things

  2. Gosh, died at just 21, how sad. It's one of our fave movies! She looks older than that in the painting (engraving?) but your doll looks great

  3. Your Pochahontas is very cute. :-)

  4. What a great doll, and what a great way to spend a miserable day too. Love her earrings. I hope you feel better today.

  5. She's gorgeous. Well worth the time and effort it must have taken.

  6. I love your felt dollies. Will have to give them a try when I get back to base. the quilt

  7. She is lovely. I expect the felt was good to work with, no hems etc


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