Saturday, 9 April 2016

Wisley Gardens in Spring

Visit To Wisley In The Rain

The RHS Wisley Gardens is a delightful sixty acre site in the Surrey Countryside. It consists of gardens, plant and glass houses, a garden centre, a shop and several cafes and restaurants amid some beautiful well tended gardens. There are a variety of formal and informal garden areas along with woodland, a bird hide and a canal and river running through the site. There is an arboretum and a pinetum and a national heather collection too. It is generally a beautiful day out in the English countryside. Today it rained - hard - so the visit was rather short. Here are a few photos to give you a taste of what is on offer.

At the entrance charming Henry Moore statues

King and Queen surveying the gardens 

Sadly most photos are taken inside the various plant houses as the weather outside was really just too wet to take any meaningful photos.

Lovely weather for ducks

I did, however, manage to buy a lovely Fiddle Leaf Fig plant in the garden centre, something I have been searching for over many months. I was hoping for a giant one, but sadly this little specimen was the only one on offer.

This indoor plant actually grows to a height of up to fifteen metres in its natural habitat but can grow to around three metres in a conservatory. They are common architectural plants in America but rarely seen in England. Sadly it is only around one foot tall - way to go!


  1. I used to go with my grandmother when I was little! Loved it!

  2. I so enjoyed the lovely photos and garden tour. Hopefully, it won't rain for your next trip. I'm so glad you picked up a fiddle leaf fig. They are fabulous in my book! I've had a fiddle leaf fig on my wish list for a year. There is a beautiful one (about six feet tall) at the garden center down the street, but the approximately $200 price tag has deterred me (for now, lol). I do have a long leaf fig which I love though. It reminds me of an olive tree. Thank you for taking us along to the garden. We didn't even have to get out in the rain. All the best!


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