Monday, 18 April 2016

True Detective Series One and Two

Excellent TV Series With Wonderful Music


We have been totally hooked on a NETFLIX True Detective Series 1 over the past few days. It is hard not to gorge on these series when you find a new one that you enjoy. Woody Harrelson as Martin Hart is just brilliant and Matthew McConaghuey as Rustin Cohle is the most sublime actor I have ever seen. My son tells me that he has been around for ages but this is my first viewing of him in action. Do take a look. I have discovered that the Series 1 is available for sale on Amazon - and even better news that there is a Series 2 available there too now. (Rotten Tomatoes score is 97%, which is truly amazing - anything over 75% being deemed hugely watchable). I can't wait for Series 3, which is rumoured to be coming sometime soon.

I  particularly loved the music, which was truly great and varied, each episode throwing up favourites. This one at the end of Series 1 I found just haunting ...


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  1. I love woody harrelson - fab in everything I've seen him in!


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