Sunday, 3 April 2016

Rigid Heddle Loom - A Scarf

Warping The Loom For A Scarf

For my second attempt at weaving, (still been able to find no tuition), I have decided to try something a little less complicated - a scarf. I have still not received my bobbins from Fibrehut as they are still out of stock, which makes pattern making rather difficult - so a scarf it is! Nice and simple.

Beginning to warp the loom with Rowan Felted Tweed Yarn

The yarn that I am using is Rowan Felted Tweed yarn made with merino and alpaca. It is a quiet shade of fawn and very soft and cuddly. I shall incorporate a few other, (manly), colours in the weft and intend it to be a present for a relative. The colours worked well on my small rug so I have decided to use some of them again.

This is the warping peg set at the other end of the table

This should enable me to make a scarf approximately five feet long, which is the length of the small table. The width will probably be about sixteen inches as I do not intend to use the full width of the loom, which is thirty two inches.

Just about the right width for the project

The yarn comes from John Lewis as is about £6.00 per 50g ball

Ready to cut the loops from the peg

After cutting the ends need to be wound on. This is a job for two people and no time for taking photographs. This is it wound to the bar ready to be threaded again through the heddle, (thanks for the help Mr Whizz Kid).

Cardboard strips to stop the threads from getting tangled

Ready for the final thread

The next step is rather time consuming and complicated and probably not the time to take photos. I shall begin on this next step tomorrow. Now ... I am off for dinner and a glass of wine.

Dinner: Peppers stuffed with vegetable cous cous, with roasted tomatoes and sea bass. Very nice indeed.


  1. The scarf looks beautiful. Look forward to seeing the finished article.

  2. Oooh, I look forward to seeing the finished scarf. Dinner looked delicious. I hope you'll post the recipe for the peppers in the future. All the best. :-)


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