Saturday, 23 April 2016

Vegetarian Meal For Four

Many Friends And Family Are Vegetarian

A welcome in the hall

Table set for dinner in the kitchen/breakfast room

I am often faced with having to make a totally vegetarian meal as most of my family do not eat meat or fish. Mr Whizz Kid and I eat both but generally I prepare a vegetarian meal and then occasionally add meat or fish for the greedy among us. Luckily we love vegetables so this is not a necessity.

A welcome in the sitting room

This meal for four was to be totally vegetarian and this is what I did. I decided on an Italian theme and this was my menu:

For the first course:-

Italian Platter x 1
Grated carrot with orange dressing
Grated mouli with seeds and cranberries
Raw broccoli florets with raspberry vinegar, Greek yogurt and raspberry pearls
Marinated olives with herbs
Baby bell peppers stuffed with cream cheese
All on a bed of lettuce and radish

Italian Platter x 2
Cous Cous with vegetables
Baby tomato and basil salad
Grilled baby courgettes
Grilled mixed vegetables in olive oil
All on a bed of lettuce and radish

Grilled mushrooms stuffed with ricotta and herbs with a breadcrumb topping
Homemade coleslaw
Feta cheese in oil and orange
Garlic bread with herbs

For the second course:-
Individual Aubergine Parmigianino with  pine nut and breadcrumb topping

For the dessert:-
Oranges in honey and rosewater

I should love to show you a photo of the tiramisu too, but sadly it was all eaten before I found my camera.

Cheese and Biscuits and Coffee

1 x White wine from Italy:- Lange Arneis
2 x Red wine from Italy:- Chianti
Beautiful flowers from guests
All the recipes were found on the Internet and none were time consuming.
All the food came from Waitrose. 
(I have just been asked to PLEASE put my camera away!)


  1. Clever use of vegetables. Looks like a delicious spread.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a fab selection!!!! And thanks for the pic of one of my favourite rooms anywhere!!!!!!


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