Monday, 25 April 2016

Still Warping The Rigid Heddle Loom

Finish Warping The Loom

I have been a little lax about continuing with the warping of the loom for a scarf. I was awaiting a further delivery from Fibrehut of bobbins for my shuttle. They were out of stock and it is easier to weave with many colours with a good amount of bobbins so I waited for the delivery direct from NZ. So here they are at last ...

As I said in an earlier post it is possible to make them myself from a copy of a glossy magazine, some scissors and sellotape - sadly I was too lazy and decided to wait for the plastic variety.

My next step was to continue with the warping and threading of the heddle. (Not sure of the correct terminology). I find this step very fiddly.

I find this little tool from Ashford's rather flimsy.
I wonder if there is a more substantial one available?

The loom is now fully warped, the tension is fine, and all is tied to the backstick, and I am ready to weave. Here is my first bobbin being prepared along with my new lovely boat shuttle. It has taken me ages - it is supposed to be a very quick operation but I am very slow. I must try harder. I must try harder. Etc. Life just gets in the way!

I am still using the table in the conservatory for my loom and this is where we usually have breakfast as it has a wonderful view of the garden and the birds. Mr Whizz Kid is not happy and wants me to move it elsewhere before the next weekend. It takes up so much room that I am not sure exactly where it can go? Perhaps it needs a stand?

Today this is my music to weave to ....



  1. This looks very complicated. Good luck with it.

  2. Don't beat yourself up about working harder ... Are you have fun? Yes? Then that's enough!!!


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