Wednesday, 13 April 2016

More Emma Bridgewater

Bridgewater Pottery

I had a lovely email today from Mary at Little Welsh Quilts remembering my Emma Bridgewater pottery with fondness and telling me that she had rarely seen a better collection. I have been collecting it for many years - in fact since it first came on the market. Each birthday and Christmas I am given more by my family and years ago had to have a new dresser made to contain the majority of it. I am now seriously out of space and in my house it can be found everywhere. Even the chipped and broken bits are used as utensil pots and plant saucers and around my sink are several chipped pots containing a washing up brush, some scourers, a pencil pot and a tea spoon container. I just cannot bear to throw it away! Here are a few new photos to whet the appetite of any collectors out there.

Everyday china

Table set for dinner tonight

Part of the dresser with everyday china in breakfast room

Part of the dresser with everyday china in the breakfast room

Every day mugs

More everyday mugs

Chipped French bowl with washing up brush

Butter dish minus lid used for scourers by the sink

Tea spoon mug with broken handle

Pen pot with broken handle

Fancy tea spoon pot with stains

Extra large mug for miscellaneous pot

Miscellaneous mug
Chipped dish with plants

Side plates with plants

We use the china every day, (we have no other), and I put the stuff on the dresser through the dishwasher every two or three weeks and just put it back anywhere - therefore there is a completely different display every few weeks and we use different designs every day. Some broken and chipped pots are even in the garden planted with herbs. I love Bridgewater.

Tiny candle pot with orchid

This is my latest acquisition
A present for Mr Whizz Kid's breakfast of boiled eggs


  1. I love your dresser, it's perfect for the room and for the collection! Lovely to know that it's used and not just for display, and I love an eclectic table setting!

  2. Your collection is fabulous! It looks like you with all of its colorful designs, since I know you love color. I really like the everyday mugs. Now I must go on a quest for one. I'm so glad you started blogging again. :-)

  3. What a gorgeous collection, I love that you keep it even when chipped - too lovely not to see and use and they make great plant homes!

  4. I live ten minutes from Emma Bridgewater... well, the factory at least. Let me know if you ever plan a visit there!!!

  5. Just caught up again! I loved seeing more pictures of your EB and note that you have quite a few new pieces?


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