Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Gecko Rouge Art Cross Stitch and Jigsaws

Cross Stitch Kits And Jigsaw Puzzles

My son was recently given this jigsaw puzzle and I was surprised to read about the company who make cross stitch kits and jigsaw puzzles all designed by leading artists in the most original way. They are called Gecko Rouge and have the most amazing array of art on their site all designed by new and contemporary artists.

Snow White and Rose Red by Illustrated Ink

This particular 1000 piece jig saw is highly original 'Snow White and Rose Red' by Illustrated Ink is  a sort of 'Day Of The Dead' type homage, which could be framed, (26in x 20 in), when completed. It is beautifully designed and comes boxed in a very attractive package. It retails at £22.00 and would make a lovely gift.

I particularly like some of the cross stitch designs, which come complete with all the necessary silks and sewing needs and with full instructions, such as this 'Beyond The Blue' by Jo Grundy. This is priced at £71.32 and would be a wonderful statement picture, (after some very clever stitching and framing).

Beyond The Blue By Jo Grundy Cross Stitch Kit

And this stunning 'Dragonfly Pool', also by Jo Grundy priced at £116.23 - isn't it magical?

Dragonfly Pool By Jo Grundy Cross Stitch Kit

They have a lovely short blog, started in August 2015, (Gekstars Gallery), which gives more information regarding the artists and with some of the completed cross stich pictures.

A Storm Inside By Emily Luella Licensed Art Needle Minder

'A Storm Inside', a tiny needle minder by Emily Luella Licensed Art at only £5.00 is quite adorable, and another small needle minder is 'Absolution' by Carissa Rose Licensed Art also at only £5.00.

Absolution By Carissa Rose Licensed Art Needle Minder

There are literally hundreds of stunning designs and the company will even design to order should you wish a particular picture or photo copied. Do take a look.

The information regarding this fairly new company is as follows, (directly from their own website):

GeckoRouge hatched in 2008 specially to introduce new pieces of modern and contemporary art to the world of cross stitch.
Over the last few years we have discovered many amazing artists with their own unique designs which when created in cross stitch gives an a new authentic piece of art, and one you will be proud to hang on your wall!
These are more than just your average cross stitch kit, our aim is to create something a little bit super special just for you, so that you can enjoy the thrill of sewing each and every stitch with its very own special touch of magic.
We are a family run business based in Surrey UK England, but we are easily reachable by Phone, Email, Skype, Facebook and even Twitter. We love to hear from you, we want to know what designs you would like more of and to hear ideas from stitchers and new designers.

Please make sure you join our facebook groups and get involved with our growing community. We have plenty of stitcher friends who love to help others, have a chat and generally get to know one another. Our nest is stacked full of friendly Gecko's and we welcome you to come and join in!




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  1. Oooh, I shall go and stalk them! We tried unraveled, but it was only after we'd paid and downloaded all sorts of stuff yo be able to download the game that we discovered we didn't have a new enough lap top! Tried again on a PC but couldn't find any instructions! Husband requested a refund which came quickly but they haven't replied to his message, shame xx


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