Sunday, 15 July 2012

Another Multi Pocket Bag

That Snazzy Bag Again!

My first attempt at the Keyka Luu  "Lots Of Pockets Tote"  was not a total success - although it looks fairly good at a distance, so this is a second attempt with just the right materials to hand!

"Shell Montage" in beige and lavender colourway by Philip Jacobs

"Shell Montage" in beige and coral colourway by Philip Jacobs

I have chosen a lovely fabric called "Shell Montage" designed by Philip Jacobs for Rowan Westminster Fabrics. I think it is exactly the same, or similar, to a Kaffe Fassett material I saw a little while ago although the colour-ways are not quite so vibrant and distinctive. I bought the fabric in two colourways intending originally to use one for the exterior and the other for the interior but I have changed my mind and used the lavender colour fabric for the exterior and interior with a bright purple tie and dye fabric from Hobby Lobby for the trims and handles instead, which I think complement the exterior better - so I now have enough for two "Shell" bags.

Now to cut the twenty-one fiddly pieces

The purple fabric is for the straps/handles/pocket lining

Button Sensations

I found these buttons, which seem to go rather well with the shells and decided to use them along with a magnetic snap - my buttonholes are rubbish! They are made by Blumenthal Lancing Company and come in lots of interesting colours. They are rather large and yet cost just under a pound each.

I bought some also for the previous bag after deciding the button that I originally used was not suitable as it did not lay flat. These are the choices for the first bag ... not sure yet which I shall use.

Which would you choose?

They all go rather well

I chose this one!

Now to cut the interfacing for the second bag and iron it on ...

I hate ironing!

The first pocket went well

As did the second

This is what the back of the first piece should look like

Now for the inner pockets and handles

The bag is now coming together - see the two exterior pockets?

All tidied up and with a fastening - do you like the button?

Not too sure about the colours but Mr Whizz Kid liked it
(This is a worry as he really IS colour blind!)

A very colourful interior with three pockets

This bag was more successful, although I liked the fabric less,  and now I have made the bag twice I think I could easily go into production as the second was very fast indeed!

It was nice to get back to my sewing machine


  1. Goodness you have been busy, I love the fabrics and the buttons!

  2. they look great... loving those buttons xx

  3. I would have chosen that button too - those pockets are camouflaged rather well in the shells, I would never find my keys!

  4. Well done you, practising, and getting perfect! The buttons are fab, I'm really good at buying pretty buttons, but rubbish at using them!

  5. Love, love, love your "Snazzy" bags, Annabelle. Those fab buttons are the "icing on the cake." :-)

  6. These are lovely. Can't wait to see them in person.


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