Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Grey Felt Flower via


I heard today that this is the most Internet searched for title at present  - "Fifty Shades Of  Grey" ... so ... not being one to miss an opportunity here are my fifty shades of  grey!  ...

Grey mohair 36cm handmade teddy bear
Grey Teddy by Wizpan
Grey Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Grey Jumper via Weheartit

Grey Prado Spazzolette via Flickr
Grey Doll via Alicedays
Grey Hair via Anneofcarvesville

Grey Dress by

Grey Shawl via

Grey Socks via Tumblr

Grey Necklace via Stylehive

Grey Bib in Liberty Cars
Grey Fabric via
Grey Earrings via
Catseye Stretch Grey Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Charm
Grey Bracelet via
Grey Hat via

FO: grey jacquard socks
Grey Socks via
Grey Shoes vis
Wristlet Keychain Key Fob KEYLETTE..Amy Butler Wallflower Gray Blue
Grey wristlet via Etsy
Alexander Henry Spotted Owl Grey
Grey Owl via Alexander Henry
Grey Skies via Flickr
Grey Teapot via Harmony VanLuuTanquay

Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L. James is a novel of romance, suspense, erotica and has taken the literary world by storm. I reserve my right to comment upon it until I read it (next week)!

Grey Rose via Flickr
Grey necklace via


  1. You want those funny shoes don't you!!?

  2. ROFL, from what I hear, this is probably far more interesting than the book! Those toe shoes though, seriously freaky... ;o)

  3. Shades of grey I love this colour.

  4. Lol, have you read the books? I haven't


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